Am no good too on opening threads(guess am
just lazy) so would go straight to the point.

*Etisalat+Lastest your-freedom on pc.
FULL SETTINGS: first get ur modem or nokia pc suit connect using this APN or access point:,work best on 3g network than edge network ,after connecting successfully

*Get the lastest your freedom software from the official website(Your Freedom - Bypass firewalls and proxies, stay anonymous) then open your freedom and select configure

* or other like ems10,ems12...etc
(or any y/f server)

(this depends on protocol selected below on
connection mode so can be overlooked)

*connection mode:dns only

*Tweaks: Etisalat Nigeria
Under options [tick] below metioned boxes:
If you also wish to use openvpn,it does work
too with the above metioned settings.

Just tick its box.
Other drills like account information ( input of username/psswrd)
go and register at Your Freedom - Bypass firewalls and proxies, stay anonymous they will send u to verify on ur mail

NOTE: This issh has being working for months
just flet to post it so if gets blocked oh ur luck but still working today
And please don't say am stingy for not
posting this since cause am not the only one
thats aware of this(just a few if I may say).As
regards iwp and proxifire cheat ,well that would be for another

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