Increase your Alexa Ranking for Free. offers FREE Alexa Ranking boost. This will also increase your other third party statistics like Google analytics, quantcast etc. You get visitors to your website who are using Alexa Toolbar/plugin and your Alexa Rank along with google analytics/quantcast etc ranking also increases. Plus you get Free visitors to your website.

Why is it different from other autosurf websites?

Autosurf websites open websites in frames, which is not accepted by Alexa as a hit from alexa toolbar user. Hence other autosurf websites do not change Alexa ranking. opens the URLs in a new window (not iframe) and hence each hit is counted as Alexa toolbar user hit. That improves the Alexa ranking of surfed website dramatically.

Here is how it works:

1. User with a Firefox Browser and Alexa Plugin/toolbar Signs up for FREE.

2. You Enter your website to boost its Alexa Ranking with 100 initial FREE surfing points.

3. You surf other websites for surfing points. Each point = 1 hit to your website from other Alexa toolbar/plugin users.

4. Your website receives hits from Alexa toolbar surfers and hence your Alexa Rank Increases Plus your website gets Free visitors.

5. The surfing is hassle-free and 100% autopilot.

See positive change in Alexa Ranking within one week of surfing.

In short, by using you get your improved Alexa Ranking, website exposed to new visitors and improved third party statistics for FREE.

For users who do not wish to surf to earn points can purchase surf points at very cheap cost.

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