My question involves real estate located in the State of: California

I have closed escrow on a house bought in California that has two refrigerators: one in the kitchen and one in an add-on room. I wanted both refrigerators and made sure that the box for "refrigerator(s)" was checked on the executed contract (RPA-CA). I just found out that the seller plans on taking away the fridge in the add-on room, and the seller agent says that the fridge in the add-on room was not included in the sale.

Does "refrigerator(s)" imply all refrigerators in the house? The contract also had a section where items excluded from sale can be listed, but that section said "None". Are both refrigerators included in the sale in this case?

Relevant section in the contract (Underlined words are filled in on the form):
A. NOTE TO BUYER AND SELLER: Items listed as included or excluded in the MLS, flyers or marketing materials are not included in the purchase price or excluded from the sale unless specified in 8B or C.
(1) All EXISTING fixtures and fittings that are attached to the Property;
(2) EXISTING electrical, mechanical, lighting, plumbing and heating fixtures, ceiling fans, fireplace inserts, gas logs and grates, solar systems, built-in appliances, window and door screens, awnings, shutters, window coverings, attached floor coverings, television antennas, satellite dishes, private integrated telephone systems, air coolers/conditioners, pool/spa equipment, garage door openers/remote controls, mailbox, in-ground landscaping, trees/shrubs, water softeners, water purifiers, security systems/alarms; (If checked) [checked check-box]stove(s), [checked check-box]refrigerator(s);
(3) The following additional items: Dishwasher, Disposal, Microwave Oven
(4) Seller represents that all items included in the purchase price, unless otherwise specified, are owned by Seller.
All items included shall be transferred free of liens and without Seller warranty.
C. ITEMS EXCLUDED FROM SALE: Unless otherwise specified, audio and video components (such as flat screen TVs and speakers) are excluded if any such item is not itself attached to the Property, even if a bracket or other mechanism attached to the component is attached to the Property; and None

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