Assisted living Fort Dodge offers seniors the privacy of their own room with their own furniture, TV, radio, and kitchenette. Three meals a day are prepared and served in a dining area. No house cleaning, no laundry, no yard work, and no maintenance. Rooms and walk-in showers are designed to accommodate wheel chairs and walkers. Staff is available 24 hours a day. No more wondering if you’re ill enough to dial 911 or awaken a relative. Just call professional on-site staff.
Everyone who lives a long life will need assistance eventually. When driving is difficult or impossible, seniors and the disabled can find themselves feeling isolated and lonely. Social life becomes increasingly difficult and dependent on the schedule needs of others. If your health is fragile, falls become a serious concern. Mobility issues make meal preparation, and even dressing a major issue. Moving to a retirement community can improve health and safety, community and friendship.
Some facilities have physical therapists and skilled nursing care on-site. They offer wellness and fitness programs, medication reminders and supervision. Pharmacy techs may be available to manage and dispense medications. Most homes offer transportation to medical appointments and outings into the community.
Common areas encourage residents to socialize. Courtyards allow residents to enjoy the outdoors. Most homes offer a variety of social events and recreation. Community activities often include concerts, arts and crafts, movies, game nights, bingo, religious services, happy hour, ice cream socials, and barbecues.
Residents have their independence and dignity, asking for help only when it’s needed. Home is a safe and secure worry-free environment. Residents can safely walk the hallway and relax in the common areas. Visit with friends daily. No one is in a hurry. Some facilities allow residents to have pets as long as they can care for them. Most allow friends and relatives to bring pets along for afternoon visits. Some have a resident pet or two that any and all pet loving residents can enjoy.
The goal of assisted living Fort Dodge is to offer a level of care that maintains and promotes independence, dignity, and privacy. It’s for seniors and the disabled who need help with daily activities such as bathing and dressing but don’t require 24 hour skilled nursing care. Three meals a day are provided. Medication is monitored. Services are coordinated with outside health care professionals ensuring prompt and appropriate care. Some facilities offer assistance with catheters or diabetes management. Secure facilities with specially trained staff offer home like care for residents struggling with memory loss.
Assisted living residences can vary is size from a small residential facility with a few residents, to large facilities with hundreds of residents. Continuing care facilities combine independent living, assisted care, and nursing care in 1 facility, usually on different floors or in different wings or buildings. This eliminates the need for a major move to another facility if a residents health or mental acuity declines.
Assisted living Fort Dodge is a home and a community, not a temporary residence, so choose carefully. Factors to consider are cost, services provided, convenience of the location, and atmosphere. Tour the facility and check the events calendar. Talk with management to be sure the home offers the services desired. Talk with staff and residents to find a community that meets your needs and feels like home.
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