Hello friend, you are highly welcomed. In this blog, I will be showing you how to use your mobile phone and your computer to browse the internet free of charge. (for free internet browsing on mobile phones, check the other topic with the caption: new and latest mtn and zain free internet browsing on mobile phones).MTN, ZAIN, GLO networks provide internet services for their subscribers through the GPRS technology and in higher forms like EDGE, UMTS (3G), and HSDPA (3.5G) which is of course the latest from MTN. but the problem is that cost they impose on the users is too much. And so, here we are providing you with a free internet service, since we can not fold our hands and watch these service providers control our pockets. So let us start immediately.FREE INTERNET BROWSING ON COMPUTER.The free internet browsing on computer is achieved with the aid of some software specially designed for that purpose. Many of these software are proxy tunnelers such as freedom, proxyway, hopster, hummingbird, freegate, go-trusted, hide-proxy etc. which are capable of hiding your proxy address from your network service provider. They are also these other ones that are just free web browsers which you can configure just the same way you configure your mobile phone default browser. E.g. is opera browser. The problem with these ones is that they seem to be restricted to only the sites the mobile phone default browser can access.So the proxy tunnelers are the better ones but the best among them are those ones that not only hide your proxy address but programmed in such a way that they have foreign servers located in foreign countries and are capable of distributing internet connection to any application installed in the computer that requires it internet connection. E.g. Web browsers and chat/messengers. Since these software have been designed to browse the internet free of charge any where in the world, we get them and configure them in such a way that they will allow us access in our computers free of charge.I will be given you new and excellent software that is very much reliable, fast and supports file download of any size. With it, you can discover how fun it is to browse the internet free of charge with much ease and at incredible speed. Use your yahoo messengers, msn messengers with a click.REQUIREMENTS:1) A GPRS enabled mobile phone that has either a Bluetooth connectivity or USB cable connectivity.2) ZAIN or MTN simcard3) PC suite of your phone.4) The new free internet software and its settings.HOW TO MAKE IT HAPPEN:Step 1:Insert the simcard of either mtn or zain networks into your phone. Transfer any credit inside it out. Then make sure that the sim card is GPRS activated. MTN subscribers have nothing to do with this but for ZAIN subscribers go to http://dmc.ng.zain.com and activate your GPRS instantly.Step 2:Install the PC suite for your phone for your computer. If you donít have it, you can download it from your phones manufacturerís website. For example, nokia users can download the latest version of nokia pc suite from http://nokia.com. Then configure the pc suit as followsAccess point: ---------- web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net for MTN or wap.ng.zain.com forZAIN Username: ------------ web for MTN or wap for ZAIN.Password: ------------- web for MTN or wap for ZAIN.Step 3:Connect your phone to the computer either through a USB cable or Bluetooth with the aid of the pc suite. Just allow the pc suite to recognize your phone and click on connect to internet. If not connected, donít worry, Iím gonna provide you an e-manual with the detailed step by step method with screen shots. Step 4:Install the free internet software (I will provide you the software and the settings). After the installation, configure it with the settings following the instructions from the e-manual that carries both the settings and the guide with screen shots for proper guidance.When you have completed these simple steps, just begin to surf the net with ease and at great speed. Your messengers all bubbling. Itís all fun!!! This works absolutely fine for both MTN and ZAIN networks.Are you interested in getting this new software and its settings plus bonus of an e-book on how to make international calls free of charge, then contact me on 08063669662 or email macdoncjoe@yahoo.comORYou can simply pay the sum of N2,000 if you want the software and its settings for MTN or N2,500 if you want the software and its settings for ZAIN into the following account. This price is for the first 20 people. After them, the price will increase to N4,500 and N5,000 respectively. So rush now and place your order. Call or email now!!!Account number: ------------094601010003759Account name: ---------------Ngwu Ogonnaya PreciousBank: ---------------------------Fidelity bank Nig plcWhen you pay, text your teller number, your name, amount paid, the service you paid for and your email address to 08063669662. After confirmation with the bank alert, I will send you the you software, its settings and the e-manual plus a bonus of an e-book on how to make free international calls. These I will send you in few minutes after your payment through your email as attachment. You will now download the attached files from the mail and begin to enjoy yourself.You can contact me on 08060374821 or email cashmoney4realg@yahoo.com for any clarifications or further talks. Are you interested in watching the DSTV channels and wanna learn how to watch the channels on your computer free of charge without any subscription fee or need to get a tv card? No disc or decoder needed. Then just log in to http://precious-freedstv.blogspot.comWanna get e-books that features extensively on various online buzz that must ensure your online business success; some of the features are:1. how to browse the internet free of charge.2. how to configure your computer and watch dstv live for free on your computer with no disc, decoder or tv card and no subscription fee required. 3. how to create and host your own website free of charge.4. how to sell your products online.5. how to shop online with your credit card.(virtual credit card for free)6. how to create your own blog and advertise your products online; this e-book will show you the step by step of creating a money making blog, from creating your blog to online video tutorial tools, google adsense embedding, free adsense code converter, creating a very big explosive traffic to your blog, monetizing your blog; infact it is highly loaded for your consumption.7. how to know where, when and how to buy and sell your stocks and make more than double the money you spent.8. how to make cool money on printing recharge cards and vouchers.9. how to signup for a gmail account for free and make money with it.10. how to register your website in google and get your site advertised.11. software that picks your internet connection and modifies itís speed 10 times.12. how to make free calls from your mobile phone to any number in the world.13. a 5-in-1 package on how to legally open and operate paypal account, how to open a click bank account in nigeria, how to open a us bank account, how to generate credit cards and resell them to nigerians and how to receive your affiliates/earnings here in nigeria.14. how to get a free us telephone number and receive your calls anywhere you are in the world free of charge.15. how to escape scams on the internet16. how to avoid temptations on the internet17. how to get informed on free biz infos


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