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Thread: MTN BBC Blackberry Subscription Free Browsing On PC With PDPROXY

  1. Lightbulb MTN BBC Blackberry Subscription Free Browsing On PC With PDPROXY

    Blackberry bundle subscription ordinarily is not meant to be used on
    PC but today I shall be exposing to you to a technique that will
    enable you to browse on your PC/laptop with a blackberry data
    subscription mainly on MTN BBC package. It does not necessarily mean
    that you must have a blackberry to enjoy or use it. Just a PC/LAPTOP
    and MTN SIM then you are good to go.

    Blackberry complete internet package from MTN code named BBC is a data
    bundle used for browsing on blackberry mobile device, anyway, it is
    not what I am after but after how to browse and download unlimitedly
    on your PC/LAPTOP with MTN BBC data subscription through a powerful
    VPN tunneler called PD PROXY.

    Here come the processes:

    Subscribe for MTN BBC package either weekly or monthly depending on
    the weight of your pocket for #500 weekly or #1,500 monthly.

    To subscribe for MTN BBC weekly, TEXT BBC WEEK to 21600

    To subscribe for MTN BBC monthly, TEXT BBC to 21600

    you can subscribe from any device, blackberry, mobile phone of any
    kind, on your PC through your modem or you can call MTN customer care
    on 180 and have them do the subscription for you.

    Next create a NEW PROFILE CONNECTION on your modem with the name MTN
    BB and blackberry.net as the ACCESS POINT NAME. (If you don't know how
    to Create an access point on your modem check) Of course if you are
    not using an MTN modem, you need to have your modem unlocked. To
    unlock your modem call me on 08056370712.

    Visit www.pdproxy.com and create an account. Check the mailbox you
    used to sign up for an account on pdproxy for your account
    confirmation link. Click on the link to confirm your account.

    Webmaster and Business Idea Forum

    Login into your pdproxy account and download the pdproxy software or
    Download it straight from

    Unzip the pdproxy you downloaded to any comfortable place on your PC.
    Preferably your DESKTOP.

    Open the PDPROXY, key in your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

    From the server and protocol section, Select DEMO SERVER. Pull down
    the next arrow head with UDP and select ICMP.

    Connect your modem with the profile name MTN BB(that is the one you
    created) then connect your PDPROXY software.

    For your browsers, download managers and applications leave them the
    way they are and if you have tampered with any of them, set them back
    to NO PROXY.

    It is of note here that you can only use a DEMO SERVER and 100MB of
    Browsing and Download as a pdproxy FREE USER while as a PREMIUM(PAID)
    USER, you are entitled to over 40 choice HIGH SPEED SERVERS alongside
    UNLIMITED BROWSING and DOWNLOADING bandwidth monthly.

    To get a monthly PREMIUM (PAID) PD PROXY ACCOUNT, Pay #1,200 into any
    of the following account.

    ACCOUNT NAME Anayo Emmanuel

    BANK NAME Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

    ACCOUNT NUMBER 0041120852

    ACCOUNT NAME Anayo Emmanuel

    BANK NAME First Bank Plc

    ACCOUNT NUMBER 3022276161

    After payment, TEXT, PD PREMIUM, Teller No and the bank you paid into
    to 08056370712.

    For more information, suggestion, observation or question CALL 08056370712


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  3. Re: MTN BBC Blackberry Subscription Free Browsing On PC With PDPROXY







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