I had an Airtel broadband connection which was working okay. The only grudge was repeated levying of PC Secure charges despite my telling them that I have not subscribed to the service. Finally I wrote to their customer service cell (121) for disconnection. They said that it will be done within 6 days. I stopped using the service and got a new connection from Reliance with 12 Mbps speed. I received numerous calls persuading me to stay with Airtel and I told them each time to act on my disconnection request. Finally when the bill arrived it was for the complete billing period and not till the date of request + 6 days. I paid up pro-rata till this date and again told them to disconnect. The customer support keeps responding to my mails with a mandatory "Thank you for choosing to continue with Airtel." I have received another bill now (!!) and written back to them asking them if they are a deaf organization. The usual meaningless response is there with the concluding remark "Thank you for choosing to continue with Airtel." All this is despite telling them that if they choose to continue the connection unilaterally, I am not responsible for any bills. So if you are opting for an Airtel connection, be forewarned. It is not a contract but a sacred relationship like marriage. And you may have to keep paying alimony if you choose to walk away.

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