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Thread: Re: Video Problem (mobile)

  1. Re: Video Problem (mobile)

    when viewing a video on my samsung galaxy mini , there is a bit if a funny thing that i found . The problem found is that when viewing ,normally the video would play fine meaning i can hear and see well , no problems there but as it plays it stops say half way and restart again and also another problem is that a message pops up say this video can not be played , for no specific reason given. im a little confushed by this
    happening. it has been for a long time and i have used avast to check for threats. So could it be tge website,bug or whats your guess or say and any ideas to fix it . And by the way when i download a video to phone it plays fine but it justs happens when i just stream it . thanks

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  3. Re: Re: Video Problem (mobile)

    Do you ever experience Internet drop outs?

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