Anybody here do forum mktg. for offline clients or for your own offline/brick & mortar sites?

So, I do SEO for offline clients and one of them wants me to
start doing forum posting for him to drive traffic to his site.

I'm thinking it will be a great way to get relevant backlinks AND to get traffic to my client's site.
I'm looking for a good strategy for how to play my role on these forums and get backlinks & traffic.

He has a brick and mortar store & website in the guns and ammo niche.
So I found a bunch of guns and ammo + hunting + bows & arrows forums.
I joined them and have started posting without any sig file links or spam links in my posts.

Those are the 2 ways to get links and traffic from a forum, or are there more ways?

I'm thinking I'm going to make a bunch of good posts and then maybe add a sig file in a week or two.

Should I use sig file links on all the forums or not at all?

Should I pretend I'm a happy customer of his and recommend
him with links in my posts but NO sig file?

If I have a sig file to his site, it'll look like I'm promoting him, won't it?
Then, I can't really pretend I'm a customer of his and place links in my posts.

Should I add links to my clients' site inside my posts?

Should I pretend I'm an employee of his and make awesome posts
about products he carries and use a sig file AND links in my threads?

Just looking for some ideas.

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