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Thread: 8 Tips for Fuller, Thicker Appearing Hair

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    Often my patients ask how they can avoid hair loss and improve the appearance of their hair.

    You can read further about my recommendations regarding preserving as much hair as possible during the time of temorary hair loss between the fourth and sixth months after bariatric surgery by choosing the subject "Hair" in the index of this blog. However here are important cosmetic tips from Jake Miller, an experienced hair stylist at Rafeal's studio in Clintinville, Ohio. Jake has been my personal hair stylist for the last several years and I recently asked him to share some tips for making our patient's hair look as thick as possible even during the "thin" times.

    Here are Jakes 8 tips to make hair look thicker:

    Talk to your hair stylist about working with your fine hair.

    1. Create blunt lines to make your hair style look and feel thicker keeping tapering to a minimum.

    2. Cut bangs deep toward the top of the head for an even thicker look in front bringing more hair forward.

    3. Shorten fine hair to create fullness.

    4. Expand the hair shaft with thickening shampoos, conditioners and volumizing tonics.

    5. Blow dry hair forward and against the usual direction your hair is combed with a flat paddle brush.

    6. Part hair on the opposite side you usually part to create fullness. This will lift the hair up further from the scalp giving the apearance of more hair.

    7. Curl with hot rollers or a round brush and blow dryer to create more lift and the apearance of volume.

    8. Color hair lighter shades to blend with your natural scalp color so the scalp is not so obvious.

    Jake is even willing to do free consultations for our patients.

    Jake Miller, Hair Stylist
    Rafiel's Studio
    Aveda Lifestyle Salon

    2927 N. High St.
    Columbus, Ohio 43202
    (614) 784-1177

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    I think another main reason for hair loss is due to the use of low quality hair care products. Quality products may be very costly but they won't damage our hairs. I strongly recommend to use only quality products on your hair.

  4. Re: 8 Tips for Fuller, Thicker Appearing Hair

    Try the collagen to help to have smooth hair.

  5. Re: 8 Tips for Fuller, Thicker Appearing Hair

    waw nice ! 8 Tips for Fuller, Thicker Appearing Hair.i like you.Thanks for sharing.

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