I recently replaced an old Aprilaire humidifier with a new 400a. I went with this model because I didn't want to waste a ton of water plus pouring water down the drain made me nervous in a home I purchased last year.
Anyway, so far the RH hasn't been very consistent. It reached 45% 1 day since I installed it but it was in the 60s and raining outside.
It's attached to the return side and has hot water running to it. I believe the problem is
1) I have a 2-stage furnace with a 1 stage thermostat and I'm not convinced the furnace is even running in the 1st stage. My heat stage is very short.
2) Because of the short heat stage, the water in the bottom is cold. I have the fan running constantly.

Is there anything I could do to help raise the RH.
It's currently at 29%RH and the thermostat is on 68 and 35 outside.

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