Dear all, I have decided to be an antiscam ambassador
on business threads of this our noble forum.
Why taking the burden
I realise the scammer that duped me have con many in
the past and he is probably duping another gentle guy
from our member right now. So, as a humanitarian, I
have decided to take a time out of my busy schedule to
share this information. Perhaps with time, most of our
members would be saved from scammers trick.
What you should know
1. There are trusted xchangers in various business
2. There are thieves waiting for you to fall to their trick
and do a way with your hard earned money
How to identify the trusted xchangers
1. There are people that have a great reputation in this
business here. I will mention few. Knowing them is a
step to avoid scammer. However, it's not 100%
guarantee, but it's better than not having the list.

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