Hair loss is avoidable and very simple to reverse. More interestingly are the natural ways of doing it and getting the required result even as you spend little or nothing.

The idea of this post is to rejuvenate hair growth and prevent hair loss with natural techniques.

The Natural techniques of preventing a hair loss are as follows.

Use of coconut oil as hair cream.
Massage the hair thoroughly with your palms while running the hair cream and you can also do it at intervals with or without the hair cream.
Allow enough water drops on the hair ton possibly root inside the endermis of the head to alter every dryness in the hair root.
Keep your hair moist as often as possible and avoid dryness.
Maintain a continuous rub of the hair with palms round it at intervals.
Eat a lot of fruits and use cocoa butter to revamp the dead cells responsible for the growth in the body system.

Hope you had fun reading this.

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