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Thread: How to Make your Google AdSense Ad Effective

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    To successfully earn more on your adSense, your ad should be setup properly. A common mistake adSense account owner make is that they place ads on any web page they think of even if the website won't generate cash. Do not waste your time, on websites that will not generate money.

    For instance If you have a website that provides high level technical advice or support, then there is chances that your website visitor will not click on your AdSense ads. The reason is? these type of people usually don't click on these types of adverts. They already know about google AdSense, just understand that they didn't visit your web site for something else but just for the support or advice you provided on your post. These people want solutions to their problem that why they visited your website, and then they want to leave.

    Let’s assum you have a web site that is about product sales. This would certainly be much better type of site to have adverts on people will most likely click on the ads you set up.

    Although it may take a little bit of trial and error since some niche categories have a chance to do better than other nich. If your website or website is about offering product or product reviews, then google AdSense will work better for you.

    Always Monitor Your AdSense Ad

    You have to monitor how successful your ads are. If you do not monitor your advertisements you might not make good earning. You should be able to tell which adverts works well, which do not, and after some time you may find out that some ads work better at particular time during the year while other advert don't.

    Pick Big Ads

    AdSense ads come in diffrent formats, you can test the formats to see which works best with your website. Having an advert that looks good on your own website or blog is important, but please have this in mind: the large 336×280 rectangle box sized ads has confirmed to offer the best adSense earning. Probably this is simply because the advert is easily seen, or because that size can show video advertisements.

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    Thanks for sharing the informative information.

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