Want to know what's great about the advice in the seduction manual I found online? It teaches you how to get women without investing a ton of time or money. In the old days, I can't even tell you how many times I've thrown money at a woman, and never even gotten her into bed!

Don't even get me started on the time I used to take trying to get girls. Before reading the seduction manual and getting advice, I would pour hours and weeks and months into a relationship that never got anywhere near the bedroom. I thought I was dating these women; they thought we were just friends.

Using the Seduction Manual
Study the seduction manual, my friends, for it will save you from falling into the "just friends" pitfall. The dating advice you'll read will teach you how to talk to listen. Even better, it'll teach you how to listen to them, or at least to pretend you're listening.

You can even find advice on how to get a woman literally aching for you to take her home. We're talking about serious seduction techniques here. These are like "don't let these fall into the wrong hands" seduction techniques. Sadaam should be allowed nowhere near this kind of dating material. It's that powerful.

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