With the right seduction techniques, you can not only get women and get laid, but you can do it quickly. Don't read women's magazines. They'll give you the dating advice that women love the tease, and they love for everything to move slow.

As men, we don't need a tease, unless it's a striptease that comes from a ***** who's going to have sex with us immediately afterwards. If you're looking for a seduction, and not a dating situation, my advice is to close the deal right away. You can get women for a one night stand with only a little bit of time and effort.

How To Get Women
The thing is knowing what you want when you set out to get women. I really like my current girlfriend, so I listened to dating advice, rather than seduction advice, when making the moves on her. For her, I took everything slow. It was like fly fishing. It took time and patience for me to reel her in.

That's all fine if you want to be dating the woman you're after. If you meet someone and you just want sex and don't care what happens afterwards, forget fly fishing. Take my advice and just go for the seduction. Make the right moves and drive her crazy with desire so you can give it to her that night, no waiting.

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