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Thread: How To Get Laid

  1. How To Get Laid

    Okay, first, you get yourself naked...

    I'm kidding. I'm guessing you know the basics of how to get laid once the seduction's over and you're actually in bed with the woman. However, my girlfriend claims that she once went with a guy who couldn't seem to make that happen, even after their clothes were off. If that's the case with you, you need a lot more than dating advice.

    How To Get Laid Today
    First, you need to bolster your confidence. If you want to attract women, you have to have a very strong sense of yourself and your power of seduction. Take my advice, believe in your ability to win over and start dating any woman, any time. That's how to get laid.

    Even if you're already dating a girl, it's smart to get seduction tips so you know how to get laid. Most chicks don't want it as often as we do. That's the way they're wired. You need advice to learn to put your girlfriend in the mood, so she wants it every time you want it.

    There are basic tricks to getting yourself laid. Women respond to seduction. It gets them hot. You can go to my favorite dating website and take the advice, and become a master at seduction. At that point, it becomes like a game. You can just turn it on and know for a fact that in no time, you'll be doin' the nasty and loving it.

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  3. Re: How To Get Laid

    Nice post to so far. thanks!

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