Are you a guy who chokes under pressure? If so, you probably know how to meet women, and you even know how to pick up women, but you have trouble getting laid. Don't worry, it's common, but it's why you need seduction and dating advice.

Have I gone off on how we've all been feminized in this society? I believe I have, but let me go at again, because it's relevant to our discussion about seduction and dating advice. Somehow, a guy going out and getting laid is seen as a bad thing these days.

Yes, I know there are bad diseases that can come from getting laid. That's why my advice is to use a condom. Yet even if you slap on the glove, there's this stigma out in the world for being a guy who happens to eschew dating in favor of seduction, getting laid, and one night stands.

Let Men Go About Getting Laid!
My theory is that it's because women have brainwashed the world into a PC way of thinking. They want romance and dating and year-long seduction, so we guys are supposed to want it too. The thing is, guys and women aren't wired the same. Until we happen to find that one girl, we're wired to want to get laid. Often. By different, exotic, and beautiful women. And that should be okay! So my advice is to stop fighting your own nature, learn the right techniques, go out there, be a man, and have a great time.

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