I wish I'd had a pick up manual in high school. In fact, I wish I'd had my seduction and dating advice website back in seventh grade, when I really wanted Heather Clinger, but wasn't cool enough to do anything about it. I wish I'd had it in college, when I let so many amazing opportunities pass me by.

I'm sure I'm not the only guy who hasn't always been at the top of his seduction game. Think about this, though: every day you don't go online and take advantage of my favorite dating advice site, is a day you could be getting laid. Use the pick up manual. Learn how to get laid. You'll be oh so glad you did.

Online Pick Up Manual
Not only to I love my online pick up manual because it offers the best seduction and dating advice around, I love it because it's online. I would never walk out of a bookstore with something like this under my arm. I'd look like a loser. I can't even imagine how much it would bite for some girl to see me holding it.

Thank heaven for the internet age. Now all of us can get the seduction advice we need, without worrying about looking like totally lame losers. We can get our dating tips in the privacy of our own home, without any fear of embarrassment, which is spectacular.

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