Oh yeah, I said "Pick Up Girls," not "Pick Up Women." I have a theory about women who chafe every time they're called "girls." They're trouble. The best dating and seduction advice I can give is to stay far away from any woman who will never let you call her a girl.

That's not to say I'm sexist or anything. Seriously, I know I might come off that way when I talk about how to attract women and pick up girls, but I'm not. In fact, it's because I respect women so much that I want them in my life, which is why I was looking for seduction and dating advice in the first place.

My theory is simply that you want to pick up girls who are fun. Women who will never ever ever ever allow themselves to be called girls are not fun. Period. They will not give in to seduction, and you will not enjoy dating them. That's my advice.

How To Pick Up Girls
It's all about the confidence. When you pump up the confidence and approach women with the knowledge that they will absolutely want to start dating you, you'll find it works. The best seduction advice is to have no fear. Women can smell fear, and they don't like it.

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