Dude, admit it: this is the first link you clicked. It's okay, I don't judge, I'm a guy too. Dating advice on how to meet women and pick up women is fine and all, but we all really want to learn how to get laid.

And why not? I think we as a gender have been way too feminized. It's not PC to want to get laid. We're supposed to be more interested in dating and seduction and getting advice on how to marry the women of our dreams.

Yeah, right. I mean, sure, I'm dating a woman now who may well be The One, but before her, I was all about wanting to get laid. I still want to get laid, only now I just want to get laid by her. The whole reason I started looking into seduction advice was to get laid.

Get Laid NOW!
Okay, I don't really have advice on how you can get laid at this very second. That is, I don't unless you count your right hand as a high-quality partner. Yet if you follow dating and seduction advice, you'll have no problems closing the deal, heading to the bed, car, or washing machine of your choice (make sure it's on -- trust me), and getting laid.

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