So you found a woman you like, and you want to take things beyond basic seduction. You want to date her, but you don't want to fall into your usual pitfalls and blow the whole thing. I understand. That's why I bring you this page of advice, filled with common mistakes you want to avoid.

Forget about it. Okay, don't forget about it, but don't expect sex right away. If you're looking for a one night stand, sex right away is mandatory, but for long-term dating, be prepared to wait it out. Ironically, a woman will find you all the more attractive if she thinks she's so important to you that you're willing to wait until the time is right.

Don't Be Over Eager
Maybe you fell in love with this incredibly seductive woman the second you met her, but don't expect her to do the same. If you want to date her for a long time, take things slowly. And if you did fall in love with her immediately, take my advice and keep it to yourself for awhile. Until she feels the same, your overwhelming ardor is way more likely to totally freak her out than flatter her.

Ignore N.O.W.
There's nothing wrong with feminism and equality, but if you want to impress your date, be a man and buy her meals. There's nothing less seductive for a woman than dating a cheapskate. This is all part of confidence. You need to have the confidence to take charge, call her up, ask for a date, plan it ahead of time, and pay for everything. It doesn't make you a chauvinist, it makes you thoughtful. You don't have to pay for everything forever, but certainly on the first few dates, take the initiative and grab the check.

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