This mobile phone USSD short codes works on every mobile network and phones.

Codes working with most of cell phones
These code should work with most cell phones. Some may not be usable depending on the provider.

Code Function
press 1 for longer than aone second Dial mailbox number (mailbox number must bve specified in the settings)
press # for longer than one seconds Activate/deactivate silent profile
*#06# Display the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
#31#[number][dial] Dial with own number being not displayed (replace [number] with the number to dial)
*31#[number][dial] Dial with own number being dispalyed (replace [number] with the number to dial)
*#33*[dial] Show status call locks
*43#[dial] Turn on tall waiting
#43#[dial] Turn off call waiting
*#43#[dial] Show status of call waiting
*135#[dia] Request own number (often does not work)
**04*[old Pin]*[new Pin]*[new Pin]# Change Pin (do not enter [ and ])
**05*[PUK]*[neue Pin]*[neue Pin]# Unlock Pin (do not enter [ and ])
**042*[old Pin2]*[new Pin2]*[new Pin2]# Change Pin2 (do not enter [ and ])
**052*[PUK]*[new Pin2]*[new Pin2]# Unlock Pin2 (do not enter [ and ])
*#0000# Display Software Version (Nokia and Samsung devices)

Codes for charges:

Codes Function
*100#[Dial] Request number and balance (Prepaid)
*101#[Dial] Request number and balance (Prepaid)


Send SMS delayed:
Enter at the start of the SMS the text
*Later [seconds]#
and replace [secconds] with a number e.g. 10 for 10 seconds
*Later 30#Hello see you soon

Do not forget the space between later and the seconds!
This does not work with all providers.

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