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Thread: Facebook in Social Media Marketing

  1. Facebook in Social Media Marketing

    Facebook has become a global phenomenon.You hear the social network being discussed in everyday conversation, whether itís in an office, classroom, or home. Itís allowed people to connect with each other anywhere in the world and is now a vital resource for businesses and brands too. Facebook is a virtual and free way for businesses to promote themselves, reach potential customers, and communicate with existing clients. Once you have a following, you can use Facebook to advertise new products, offer discount programs, and announce company news.​

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  3. Re: Facebook in Social Media Marketing

    SMM is Social Media Marketing; that is, things like facebook ads, sponsored posts, sponsored tweets on twitter, etc. It's big benefit in terms of SEO is that many social media posts are searchable, so you may get additional search engine hits. Its main point, though, is a that it has a more direct influence on driving traffic to your site, as the right campaign on the right social media platform can draw lots of interested eyes.

  4. Re: Facebook in Social Media Marketing

    You can market your business on facebook using fb paid advertising. I guess this work fast.

  5. Re: Facebook in Social Media Marketing

    Using Facebook one can easily target their customers and generate the leads for the business. When compared to Adwords the cost of Facebook ads is lesser.

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