I need some advice on a ticket I received recently. Bare with me this is a long explanation. I was driving on a stretch of 101 north. I was pacing/driving along side and just behind the left bumper of a county sheriff for at least 3 exists. I took note of him leisurely drinking his cup of coffee. The first couple exits I took note of no patrol cars. At the third exit the sheriff exits the freeway and the minute his patrol car is out sight a CHP turns his lights on as he pulls his car behind me. I go to pull over and he instructs me over the loud speaker to exit the freeway. I do so stopping at the first available stopping point. The officer approaches my vehicle with what I assume was someone in training as they were dressed in a different uniform but he explained everything he was doing to them. He asked if I knew why he pulled me over and of course I didn't. He stated it was because he clocked me going at up to 80mph. I knew I wasn't going anywhere near 80. I offered my License, registration, and when I tried to show him my proof of insurance (GEICO) he wouldn't even look at it. To shorten this story. It took 40 minutes to get the ticket. The mailing address on the ticket was completely wrong (so I will not be receiving any paperwork in the mail) a fact I neglected to notice because at this point I had thoroughly missed a graduation ceremony. The ticket says that radar/lidar as well as MVARS was used. Do I have any chance at all of fighting this by declaration (oh and I live 2 hrs away).

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