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Thread: Contest: Ask Me a Question. Win Fat.

  1. Post Contest: Ask Me a Question. Win Fat.

    The Prize:
    Fatworks Premium FatsFatworks big fat mission: to educate the mainstream population about the benefits of using REAL cooking oils like tallow, lard and duck fat while crafting these traditional fats the most natural way possible. For years fat has been slandered, beat up, picked on and falsely accused! But no longer, for we are the Defenders of Fat! Far from being unhealthy, new research strongly supports the idea that fat works as a vital part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. If you are passionate about cooking with the highest quality foods and understand the importance of real fat then you already know Fatworks. And to you we say, “Welcome Fellow Fatworker!” Glad you finally arrived.
    The winner of today’s contest will get a four pack of the following premium fats: 1 Fat Bastard* (that’s a half gallon brick of Fatworks Grass Fed Tallow), 1 jar of Pasture Raised Leaf Lard, 1 jar of Pastured Raised Pure Lard and 1 jar of Pasture Raised Duck Fat.
    BONUS: Use promo code PrimalFat for 15% off any order.
    The Contest:
    Today’s contest is a piece of cake. Simply leave a comment below asking me your 21-Day Challenge questions. Need some advice? Struggling with something? Anything? Let me know in the comment board. Just make sure that your questions are related to your 21-Day Challenge in some way. I’ll be answering as many questions as I can in this coming Monday’s Dear Mark post.
    Replying to questions with answers also counts. This is a community effort, so share your tips and tricks with those in need of some help and you’ll also be entered to win.
    Contest Deadline:
    Midnight tonight, January 16th.
    Choosing a Winner:
    Three comments, and thus three winners, will be chosen at random.
    Anyone in the world can enter, though this prize may only be available to U.S. contestants. In the case of an international winner, substitute prizes of equal value will be shipped.

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  3. Re: Contest: Ask Me a Question. Win Fat.

    what is that 21 day Challenge? is that works on weight loss? anyways thx for your post. and any one like supplement raspberry ketone ? “raspberry ketones”--the main aromatic substance in raspberries which can promote fat burning, reduce body fat, prevent fat accumulation and improve obesity.

  4. Re: Contest: Ask Me a Question. Win Fat.

    Thanks for this post

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