It is nice to be fit and have an inclination for fitness. In a current world competition to perform at all levels, be at home or profession, physical energy level is as good as to have mental agility to perform. Though we are taught the importance of health and fitness at childhood, growing through school and college, somehow, the funda is lost after taking up a career. And suddenly we find ourselves in midst of competition with lack of sufficient energy, lots of fat around belly, lack of shape etc and we urge for fitness. That's time to hit GYM.

But is weight training alone is sufficient to take charge of your body. Yes and No. Yes because it helps you burn extra calorie and also builds tons of confidence as you shape up over a period of time, say 6 months to 12 months, you see physical appearance changing and you become wow factor for your friends. But weight training alone is not sufficient , if your goal is to build muscles and at the same time, burn extra fats, get 6 packs abs, good looking v shaped wings etc. Core has to be worked out and Cardio exercises are the best for the same. A combination of jumping jack, push ups, sqauts, pull ups, Ab crunches and skipping is really fantastic to burn fat earlier and strengthen the core.

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