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Thread: WAEC Withheld 145,795 Result

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    Waec withheld result of 145,795 candidates, representing 8.61% of the total number of candidates that wrote 2014 May/June exam, in connection with various types of examination malpractice. According to*the WAEC Head of National Office, Mr. Charles Eguridu, the*waec withheld result cases are being investigated and the reports of the investigations will be presented in November […]Webmaster and Business Idea Forum

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    i never believed i could still see my waec result,this is my second time of writing waec exam,the first time i wrote i failed the subjects i needed most i was so confused,my parents was so angry with me that i have wasted their money telling me they wont enroll me next time again i lost all hope,i sat down for extra 2 years at home,i learnt different trade because my parents told me to work hard so next time i wont waste their money.finally they enrolled me this year warning this is the last time,i checked my result which i found out my result was withheld,i was so devastated how could i tell my parents such thing i concluded this is a home problem,A friend introduced me to one Mr Austine who works in waec office, i explained my problems and the situation am in,he collected my exam information and did all what he asked of me without hesitation,i never believed this waec office could actually help me release my waec result i will keep on thanking this great waec officer Mr Austine whom God has brought to wipe my tears,i can now show my parents my result and also i can still process my admission.For those who need help of any such with their waec result either upgrading or releasing of held result Mr Austine is the only man you can trust all you have to do is to follow his instructions and you will see a good result call him now on 08147291499

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