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Thread: Suze Ormond

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    Suze Ormond

    Suze Ormond, on Today Show, NBC, 05/12/14, two minute Q&A.

    A young couple, the wife asks, what to do: "Should they fund college fund for their 1yo, or should they fund 401k or pay off student debt? "

    SO, "Pay off student debt because sd is not dischargeable in a bankruptcy."

    IMO: SO continually plays' on female insecurity on debt and ignore the tax advantages of qualified tax programs, investment, and cash flow. ,

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    Re: Suze Ormond

    I'm not sure it's female insecurity. My husband was much more anxious to pay down the mortgage. (I got on board, but he's the one that started/pushed the idea.) His best friend since grade school is the most debt averse person I know. Also male. I think in their case it's growing up in families with one income, lots of kids (DH is one of 6, his bestie is one of 12). and seeing families have to stretch the dollar till it screamed in pain. Both grew up very frugal and debt averse.

    SO has lots of flaws, no contest there. But I'm not sure about her singling out females, specifically.

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