Request free webhostingWhich features do you need? (optional)cPanel mySQL PHP phpMyAdmin FTP .htaccess Other - please specify in box below Do you need any other features? (optional) Reseller / WHM, Shell (appreciated) and ability to give Do you accept that the host will put ads on your pages? Yes Is it ok if the host require you to post at their forum in order to get free hosting? Yes Describe what you are going to use the free webspace for (what is your site about?) I am going to use it to start a both free and paid hosting company. Cantrol panel can be any. I don't have the money to purchase any hosting, and do not want to use low quality ones such as YouHosting and ByetHost, I want one with less restrictions in PHP, where I can run my scripts (WordPress, OSTicket), properly and be able to show phpinfo without too many fuss fuss.

I do not want money discussions or to be told that I need money, I know but even if I could i would still not be able to pay. I can't have a credit card, paypal or any means because they do not work in my country. If your site is in another language than english specify the language here ANY (Spanish, French, English) Space? (optional) 100 GB (for sell/give) 500 MB (for main site) Do you have a prefered server location? (optional)Anywhere is ok

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