Over the last month, DH and I have been extensively discussing ER and we've come across a few discrepancies between our perceptions. Most of which stem from having to live on a fixed budget in ER , which we've never done before. In our 20+ year marriage, we've been frugal, but have always had the means to purchase items we wanted.

1. I love to travel and realize our ER budget will only allow for a once a year trip. DH says to me today he thinks travel is fine while we're working but will be a waste of money in ER. I said then if the travel budget goes so does his electronics budget. Just this week he's decided he needs a $1,300 remote control helicopter. I said in ER that isn't going to be doable.

2. He hates Winter, so I've agreed we'll sell our home go to FL. We've never lived anywhere else and all of our family is here. As much as I'd like to try a new place, I'm struggling with not being near my parents.

3. He thinks we can live with only one junky car. I love cars and don't want to drive a junk bucket, but a nice used one.

It could be we're just having a bad week, but these disagreements have me concerned on how we'll fare in ER. I now understand why couples have separate accounts, where each contributes to household expenses and spend the reminder on what they want. We've always had one pool of funds.

How have you overcome these issues?

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