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Thread: Re: Car Damaged in a Flood While at a Repair Shop

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    Re: Car Damaged in a Flood While at a Repair Shop

    My question involves an incident that occurred in the state of Maryland.

    My vehicle was in the custody of a collision center for repairs due to an accident to my parked car. My car was due to be done on a Wednesday and the services were completed. The repair facility never called me as promised when it was done. On that same day, a flood struck part of our city... That our vehicle was at. The repair facility is claiming that their insurance doesn't cover acts of god, yet through their negligence to contact myself or my husband, my vehicle remained on the lot where it received floorboard damage. My insurance company is stating that it is my responsibility and my deductible is $1000. I don't feel I am liable for this incident as we had not signed any papers nor received any call or email after the vehicle was flooded until I called THEM two days later asking what the holdup was. How should I proceed? Any advice is appreciated.

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    Re: Re: Car Damaged in a Flood While at a Repair Shop

    Sorry, but the shop is not liable for your damage.

    You have a totally wrong idea about how negligence law works.

    You won't win against the shop.

    The flood could have easily damaged your car while parked in your own driveway or at the supermarket.

    Let your own insurance take care of the damage.

    If a $1000 deductible is too painful for you, you should have thought about that before taking a $1000 deductible when $250 or $500 deductibles were probably available to you.

  4. Re: Car Damaged in a Flood While at a Repair Shop

    yes, shop is not liable of your damage.

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