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Thread: Help for hair loss

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  3. Re: Help for hair loss

    Well every remedies have there own side effects. Some remedies help you and gives you what you want but some of them not gives you result what you actually looking for. Go and search it on google amazon have a lots of product.. find the best on e for you.

  4. Re: Help for hair loss

    apply anti hair fall shampoo and wash your hair ..drink plenty of water ....

  5. Re: Help for hair loss

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  6. Re: Help for hair loss

    take proper nutritious food.And consult with your doctor

  7. Re: Help for hair loss

    Since your hair got damaged because of using hair products, I suggest that you use some natural products like coconut oil, egg white, etc. This can really increase the strength of your hair and also the thickness. After your hair regains its quality, use only quality products for your hair, make sure that you are using quality products.

  8. Re: Help for hair loss

    To stop hair loss you must have to do some routine changes in your day today life like

    1. Walk 30 minutes daily in morning
    2. Do regular 15 to 30 minutes exercise
    3. Leave stree free
    4. Along with use some medicine by proper medical suggestion

    Apply Rogaine which is useful for menís as well as womenís. Rogaine is help to regrowth the hair on scars.

    For menís use

    1. Rogaine must be applying on daily 2 times for at least 4 months to grow your hair with.

    For womenís use

    1. Rogaine 5% daily one time for 12 weeks and continue for greater effect for at least 24 weeks
    2. Rogain 2% daily 2 times in a day up to you not get desirable output.

    Visit daynighthealthcare.com online shop to get rogain medicine to get over on hair loss issues.

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