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Thread: Traveling by train?

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    Traveling by train?

    Train travel is certainly not the fastest way to get there, but it can be a pleasant experience. We have a few trips that leave from our city, some are shorter - 3 day trips that return you to the city after a long loop. Other trips are longer and will take you across the country. Unlike driving, you can relax, read, look out at the sites. Sleeping cars allow you to rest while still making progress towards your destination.

    While it is not the cheapest way to travel it is inexpensive compared to driving and staying each night in a hotel. When you arrive you are more relaxed as you haven't had the stresses of driving.

    Have you ever considered taking the train rather than flying or driving to your destination?

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  3. Re: Traveling by train?

    Trains range from ultra-rich to invisible girl passenger trains. A great many people ride the train on the grounds that its gets them between urban areas, or to and from urban areas, without needing to manage either vehicle movement or air terminal bothers.

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    As for me, I prefer to travel by car. I enjoy mobility of movement, you can stop wherever you want and whenever you want. To stay where I want and when I want.

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    Travelling by train is a good and not so common decision. I also have train travel plans for my UK trip. It's not completely train travelling plan but It has many places where I am going by train.

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