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Thread: Has anyone been to Brazil?

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    Has anyone been to Brazil?

    I was thinking about taking a trip there this summer and was wondering...

    What are the best bars or hangout spots to go to in Brazil? Even though my money is tight right now, me and some friends was thinking about going to Rio. What are the beaches like there?

    I heard it was a great place to visit during the summer months and I'm really looking forward to going there soon.

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    Re: Has anyone been to Brazil?

    I have never been to a country outside the USA. I am actually too chicken to cross borders. I do have dreams of seeing something different but I don't know if that'll ever happen or not. Maybe this could be a item to add to my bucket list.

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    Many people in Brazil do fishing. But in Laguna fishermen have assistants - dolphins! They not only fetches swarms of fish to the shore, but by turning around an axis when it it a time to cast a net. Cooperarion of fishermen and dolphins is mutually beneficial - fish in the nets is fishermen's, whereas uncaught fish is the prey dolphins

  5. Re: Has anyone been to Brazil?

    Hi, I am also never been to Brazil which is why these information are also very important me too because after completing my zurich to paris trip. I am planning to go Brazil but still, I think if you guys will provide more tips and suggestions for the trip would be great.


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