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Thread: Re: Left Turn Against Posted Signs, VC 22101(D) - but Conflicting Traffic Signs

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    Re: Left Turn Against Posted Signs, VC 22101(D) - but Conflicting Traffic Signs

    My question involves a traffic ticket from the state of: Los Angeles, California

    Hello -- I received a 22101(D) citation this morning for apparently making an illegal left turn against a posted no left turn sign.

    I was going west on Wilshire Blvd and made what I believed to be a legal left turn across a broken double yellow line onto Lorraine Blvd (which is just past Crenshaw Blvd, where there has been a ton of ongoing construction for the last few months). I was immediately stopped by a motorcycle cop who was waiting on Lorraine. He informed me that there is a No Left Turn sign posted, which I did not see. I told him I was just going by the broken yellow.

    From what the cop told me, the sign was put up relatively recently (in the last three months). Apparently the residents of Lorraine Blvd have complained about overflow traffic on their street due to the nearby construction and that's why the cop was stationed there. It seems this is such a common error that not only did he stop me, but he stopped someone else doing the exact same thing maybe a minute after I made the turn and cited us both at the same time.

    My question is, if I go to contest it, is there a case to be made that there are conflicting traffic signals at the intersection of Lorraine and Wilshire. If the city was no longer going to allow a left turn there should they not have painted over the broken yellow lines when they put up the sign so as not to confuse?

    To me, this seems to set a precedent that drivers should second guess every move they make at every intersection. The cop said the city doesn't want people making a left there because it obstructs traffic on Wilshire, so they're apparently aware there is a problem and people think it is okay to make lefts there. Would it not make more sense to correct the problem (paint over the lines) rather than post a cop there to hand out what must amount to a lot of citations.

    Will it also help my case that this is my first citation in six years of driving in LA?

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Re: Left Turn Against Posted Signs, VC 22101(D) - but Conflicting Traffic Signs

    Odd, looking at the google maps it's not even looking legal but there's a left turn only lane there. Was this sign something special for the construction?

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