I know some of you are new to this particular topic Iím about to talk about but all the same, though ití an old tutorial menít for newbies in the android industry. Maybe youíve been wanting to watch tv on the go on your mobile device but you donít know how to go about it, then this tutorial is going to show you how you can go about it.

Iíll quickly show you the best tv apps for your android device.

==>Sky Go: This is a popular app among SkY TV users, The Sky Go App is free but you will be required to input your Sky go subscribers details otherwise you wonít be able to watch any videos.
The skygo appís homepage comes in lists, and they are categories of various videos available, the list is categorized into various sections such as Movies, News, Entertainment, Sports, Music, and Lifestyles.
The Sky Go app is one of the best Android and iPhone TV app, it is very easy to use.

==>Crackle: Crackle is another great android app whenever thereís need to turn your android app to a TV devices.
The app allows you to watch movies directly on your Android phones for free. Crackle provide the largest list of TV shows and movies as well has high quality videos.
Every month more than 35 videos are added to this app. It is a totally free App and also in used across various countries.

==>BBC iPlayer: The BBCiPlayer app for Android is a wonderful TV app that allows you to watch live TV programs of BBC Channels. It has a feature that allows you to watch TV broadcast over the last seven days which means you wonít have to worry whenever you miss some programs during those period. You can easily use the app over Wi-Fi or with 3G.

==>Netflix: Netflix provides great quality videos for its users and also giving users the ability to pause and resume videos, The app also helps in searching for contents easily as it also recommends titles instantly as you search. Though the netflix app is free but you will need a streaming service to use it. This app comes bundled with a lot of contents and I bet you will enjoy this particular one.

This app is available on iTunes and Android for download.

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