I know the question you all gonna ask now. The answer is yes. The new software or upgrade is out and it is called v6.05.12.

I came back from work today and found my Qsat not working perfectly. I put to an inquiry and discover that there is a new update on Qsat. I want all my readers to have this software first hand from here.
For those using
Qsat 11G, click here for your update
Remember, after updating, you will need to set the Ethernet because it has been reset. Change it from LAN to GPRS.
Choose Nigeria, Select the Network you are using, check the auto link and Link it by pressing the Blue Button.
After Network Connection Success, your Qsat will come back to life gradually.
If you have any difficulty updating your Qsat, read the post on how to update Qsat. You can use the comment form to lay your complaints, query and updates.

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