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Thread: Fat Percentage went up... please help :(

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    Fat Percentage went up... please help :(

    Good morning everyone. This is my first time posting on here. I am going to start out by saying this may contain a lot of random information, but please just stick with me... Since this past summer, I have gotten completely out of shape. I gained about 15 pounds and finally decided recently that I have just had enough. I have been weight training for the past month and a half. I added cardio this week and have also drastically cleaned up my disgusting diet. Lol.

    For the first few weeks, my body weight bounced around between 150 and 160. My body fat decreased/increased in the range of 1-3% difference. I have a scale that measures weight, water, bodyfat and bmi. I know that scales aren't accurate, but I relied on it just to see the difference in numbers. I also input measurements into a calculator for body fat %... this generally gives me a number 4% lower than that on the scale.

    With that being said... when I weighed in this morning, I had lost 5-ish lbs and gained almost 5% BF. It was very discouraging to see this, which is why I finally decided to post on the forum.

    Right now, I am taking in about 1200 calories a day. I know I should be taking in a little more. I am working my way up to that, its just hard for me to eat that much for some reason. An example of what I take in during the day:

    Pre Workout:
    1 scoop muscle tech amino build
    1 scoop hydroxycut ******** elite powder

    Post Workout (45min weight training/5x week) I train each muscle group twice a week:
    1 scoop Anabolic Halo w/ water...

    5 Eggs (Usually 2 whole, 3 whites... Sometimes I eat more whole, just depends on how hungry I am)
    1 Serving whole grain oats plain

    1 serving grilled chicken
    1-2 C Broccoli

    Quest Bar

    MRM All Natural Whey shake OR Chicken and Broccoli if I can stomach it.

    I read that for fat loss, protein percentage should be higher and carb percentage should be lower. I think I am doing a decent job of following that right now, but could be wrong.

    I drink about half a gallon of water daily. I am working my way up to a gallon. I also drink 1-2 cups of green tea daily.

    I am doing cardio about 3x a week in the evenings, but am working up to 4-5x a week. My sessions so far have consisted of 30 min on eliptical followed by 20-30 minutes on stationary bike set to a medium resistance. (I weight train in the morning just because I feel that is my "prime time"... I feel like if I wait until after work, I wouldn't be giving it my best effort...)

    Now I am going to give you my past 2 scale readings for comparison...

    (but before that I'll add that I am a 26 year old 5'6 Female... who probably appears to have a mild case of ADD by the looks of this scattered post.)

    WEIGHT: 161
    WATER: 50.5
    BODY FAT: 30.8
    BMI: 25.8

    WEIGHT: 155.8
    WATER: 48.1
    BMI: 25

    My last body fat percentage based on measurements was 26.73 on 2/22/2014. The scale said 32.4% that same day.

    If you've made it this far through my post, THANK YOU! My questions are:

    Does anyone know what could have caused such a jump in my body fat? I have been busting my @$$ this week... and its very discouraging.

    Recommendations on my diet? I'm trying to eat more, but find it hard to get down more than one piece of meat a day. I like eggs, but worry about eating too many of them? I prefer them hard boiled with the yolks... I'm good with shakes, but do I need to be eating more solids?

    Any other thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

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    Re: Fat Percentage went up... please help :(

    Scales are not 100% accurate for BF. Mine gives me different reading depending on how hydrated I am and what clothes I am wearing. It is a rough indicator but don't freak out that the scale says your BF went up. Other good ways to measure are to take progess selfies (you don't have to show them to anyone). caliprers will also help, they have free ones avialble on this site when you order lots of protein powder or supps.

  4. Re: Fat Percentage went up... please help :(

    Try to eat vegetables more in your daily intake. And eat all those foods who increase your metabolism rank. There are so many other ways from which you can burn your extra fat.

  5. Re: Fat Percentage went up... please help :(

    Reducing your entire body fats requires you to definitely eat less and workout more. Eating properly allows you to support the intense routines and provide the much needed stamina. When eating the proper meals will assist the body acquires the necessary vitamins and proteins, your daily diet will nonetheless lack the vital minerals that will improve your efforts.

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