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Thread: Aprilaire 600 can't keep humidity up

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    Aprilaire 600 can't keep humidity up

    My house has two floors of 3600sqft and about 800sqft of finished attic, but the attic door is usually shut tight. I have a grand piano thus am very demanding about humidity. The house has an aprilaire 600 full house humidifier that was previously wired to run with heating, but in winter humidity lingers around 28%, far from the ideal 40% for pianos. I paid to rewire the humidifier so it can independently run, and have an indoor control unit. I set the target at 40%. The humidifier basically then runs 24/7 for months, however my rh reading is still just 28%. I crawl down below the house to make sure air is blown through the unit, and water is running properly. I changed the mesh. Nothing helps.

    I thought the unit output is just too small for the large house. In desperation I bought this Honeywell 6009 humidifier for the 9gal/day output. This thing is a MONSTER. The first 24 hours it probably pumped 10gals of water into the air, and moved my rh from 28 to 45. The room air feels like in a jungle. The piano immediately sounds different. From then on it regularly pumps 6-8 gals of water a day, and keeps the rh at 42% or so. I've been happy.

    What I don't understand is, aprilaire 600 has a 14gals/day output spec. It seems to work for lots of other people and even cause condensation to form. Why in the world when 9 gals can maintain 42%, that 14gals dot even make a dent? What can possibly be wrong? I know the unit works fine and water flows fine. I know the house is well built and sealed. The Honeywell is able to boost rh significantly in the same house, after all. Then where may the problem be? Or did aprilaire simply used some liberty in marking their units' output?

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  3. Re: Aprilaire 600 can't keep humidity up

    This humidifier has a design flaw, getting dry air, humidifying it and throwing it back through heating elements, filters, cooling coils, etc. It is a scam.

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