My question involves a driver's license issued by the State of: California


First off, thanks for having this forum as a place to reach out to (the DMV sure isn't useful in answering questions). A month ago, I lost consciousness while driving (first time I've ever fainted). My girlfriend was the passenger and pretty much saved both of our lives. However, many police cars and an ambulance ended up on the scene (not surprisingly). In the ambulance car, an officer told me my license was suspended since 2009. I'm sure it's a common complaint from people (myself included) that they were never told of the suspension before. I know the law says that ignorance is no excuse. I'm just wondering if my life is now over (ie, jail time) for something that I didn't know about (again, I know the law doesn't care about that fact). According to the officer, my license was suspended for health-related reasons (nothing like DUI or unpaid tickets), though my doctor never said anything to me.

In case it matters, I had a previous license suspension back in 2007 because of a seizure but went through the ropes, followed all the rules, and got it reinstated after being cleared by a neurologist (seizure-free for a long time after taking meds). The doctors in the ER this time around ruled out seizures as the cause for my loss of consciousness. The only thing I can think of is that I told my doctor a while back that I was severely depressed and had suicidal thoughts. He may have thought I'd use a car to kill myself intentionally or something, but that's speculation because I was never told about this until last month. I was seizure-free for two years at the time of the suspension. I'm currently seeing doctors as a result of this accident so they can determine if I'm fit to drive or not (already saw a general doctor, waiting for a referral to specialists). I'm obviously not even thinking of driving right now. Even if I wasn't afraid of the law (though I am), I have no desire to hurt other people.

At the scene of the accident, the officer confiscated my license and gave me a pink slip that says "verbal notice", but it doesn't look like a typical citation. I don't see a date anywhere on it for going to court, nor do I see a fine. It does say the date of the suspension (2009) right next to vehicle code authority section 13801. All I could find about that, though, was it meant I need to be reexamined to determine if I'm fit to drive. This happened almost exactly a month ago and I haven't heard anything from the police, the DMV, or the courts yet. Does anybody know how these things generally (I'm guessing every case is a bit different) pan out? Will I wait months only to get something in the mail saying I need to go to court? Thanks for reading this and for any insight you may have.

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