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We mean business when it comes to working with you!

With more and more people switching over to SolidShellSecurity for their needs. Do you think that it is about time you do as well and stop searching and worrying about who to go to next?

In fact, we care so much about you that we are releasing the following scripts for FREE for your pleasure and use![ SCRIPTS ]

Chkrootkit Automatic Script Installer (instructions and FREE download)
RKHunter Automatic Script Installer (instructions and FREE download)

FIREWALL/(d)DoS Protection
Syn Deflate Automatic Script Installer (instructions and FREE download)
CSF ConfigServer Firewall Automatic Script Installer (instructions and FREE download)

How much do you value your website and reputation?

Do you need managed website support? Checkout the questions and statements below. If Any of those statements are true then this post is for you. If more then one of those statements are true then you may want to act now. Don't wait till your clients data or website is destroyed. So many websites are secretly backdoored and hacked later on.

→ Don't have time to maintain or manage your website?
→ Don't want your website hacked to where you lose clients, visitors, rankings in Google and other search rating websites?
→ Tired of being defaced or finding malware hosted?
→ Worried you might be backdoored? Do you even know if you have been secretly hacked?
→ Been hacked.
→ Don't know what you are doing.
→ Scared your website might be next to be hacked

"...Just wanted to give a shoutout to SolidShellSecurity for their amazing service, they've been helping me out on all of my threads and even fixed my completely bugged server for me. I now have them on Skype for any type of future references..." - Webmaster and Business Idea Forum
"...They helped me live and right away... I was totally impressed by how fast they solved my problem... I would recommend these guys any day...." - Webmaster and Business Idea Forum
"...they have been very helpful in helping me get stuff taken care of and done..." Webmaster and Business Idea Forum
"...I would give them a 5/5 on support, uptime, and service..." - X
"...Their live chat and quick ticket service was very helpful in this stressful moment. My sites have also been even faster as well. I've also noticed less spam and attack bots on my site so I know there is a very awesome level of security keeping mysites safe..." - X
"...No downtime that I have noticed or seen and they have some quick and awesome support. I would hihgly recommend them." - X
"...excellent support really ! Never experienced such quick response when in need from any other host..."
"...yup, they are really quick with their support team, and get things done really quickly..."
"...I signed up with them and have been very happy with their support and service..." - Just SOME from 1 THREAD! - X

Many website and business owners have turned to SolidShellSecurity, LLC for managing and maintaining their websites. Our professional team has been securing and removing threats from websites for the past several years. We take great pride in keeping your websites safe and secure. Our clients range from home and personal users all the way to debit and financial institutions.

Below is a list of what the basic package contains and what will be done for your website.

Included in MSP1:Ticket/Email/Live chat support Maintain and update website to ensure security Apply and maintain custom security features Check and monitor for security attacks and treats Ensure all security updates and patches are applied when they come out Patch known security holes and issues with custom patches for enhanced security Support should you need help with your website Lockdown grade security options to ensure all administration and panels are secure and safe Custom created security settings designed specifically for your website Spam attacks from automated sources Here are just some of the vectors we protect against: (some require latest mod_sec installed)Remote File Inclusion Attack SQL Injection Attack Eval Injection CRLF attacks Brute Forcing Robot Scan Attacks Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Shell Uploads File Injection Attack Sea-surf Attack (CSRF) Config File Linking Attacks
Not what you need? Need more? Contact us today and tell us about your requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any question or comment. We value every question.


~ For $30.95/month we will maintain a website and ensure that it is secured and always updated. ORDER NOW

~ If you host with us you only pay $10.95/month and gain the security benefits from our servers (can be added from client panel or during sign up).

LIMITED DISCOUNT CODE WHT20MSP112 and save 50% for life.

Order today before the deal goes. You won’t find another provider who offers this service for the same quality at the same affordable price.

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