This year, Black Friday has been a huge mess. Because of all the scattered sales and confusion of sales starting randomly, customers didn’t shop as much in-store as retailers would have liked. And the discounts were confusing as well. Some stores did price matching, some offered rebates, some just did 15% off. And out of all this, Apple’s marketing technique was just as weird, though it may have been pretty effective for long-term sales at Apple.

Black Friday sale at Apple

At Apple, the basic idea for Black Friday was to give big discounts that also brought customers back again and again. Instead of doing, for example, $20 off a product, they offered the product with a $20 Apple gift card. The customer is then forced to come back to Apple for more stuff and keep on buying. Though offering gift cards with purchases is often seen, rarely is it used as the exclusive selling tool for a business, especially during Black Friday sales. We saw gift card offers at Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and more, according to Computer World, but Apple played into it a little differently than everyone else ensuring all the money is used on their own products.

The deal that just keeps giving

Say, for example, instead of offering a $20 discount on your product, you offer a $20 gift card to get the customer back in. Then, let’s pretend you have a 20% profit margin on all sales. Off every $20 you sell, you are making $4. That means when you give a gift card for $20 of your product instead of just doing $20 off, you are really only losing $16 in profit. More or less, offering a gift card instead of a discount allows you to have lower prices or makes it so you aren’t losing quite as much on every sale. And it keeps your customers loyally returning for more.

You can do it too

This is an offer you can do too! Instead of just giving a 15% discount, you can offer free product with every $50 purchased or a gift card to your store. The customer gets excited because they get a gift card, but they also feel like they are getting just as much of a discount as before. Making your customers feel like they got a discount is what it is all about. Or, if you don’t want to deal with marketing efforts at all, you can just use pay per call. It is basically the same as offering a discount, but the extra cash is given to the person who advertises for you instead of to the person buying the product. Nothing works better for marketing than word of mouth, and that is much easier to accomplish when you pay people per quality lead.

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