So I had a beautiful head of hair that I worked hard to get and then starting falling out in masses. I am now on my 6th month of hair loss and I am devastated. My ferritin was a 14 in July when I had my first CBC, 66 days later on 1 28mg iron tab per day it went up to 25, then I had an ablation, switched to poly-iron 150 mg 1x per day and started eating an iron rich diet. Cut out all coffee, tea and milk....and my ferritin went up to 44 in 33 days. Still..... I my hair loss is rampant.

The hair loss has been very distressing!!! I cry virtually everyday and am obsessing over it... i.e. constantly looking in the mirror at my hair, counting hairs, reading what feels like the entire internet on low ferritin and hair loss..

Like most who have posted on this issues, the doctors I have been to have been mostly useless. They seems to have no real experience with low ferritin and hair loss. At this point, I would like to start taking 2 poly-iron tabs 150 mg per day to see if I can get my stores up faster before I lose the rest of my hair.

Has anyone taken 2 per day and if so is it ok and do you take them together or one in the morning and one before bed?

Also, I my hair that has not fallen out is growing a lot but there is no new grow of the strands that have already fallen out by the root.

Can anyone who has gone through this let me know at what ferritin level did your hair stop shedding and was it overnight or did the shedding slow down over time and eventually stop. Also, did the lost hair grow back and when did the new growth start back?

Not to sound dramatic but this is ruining my life.. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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