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  1. Working in Russia
  2. From 3D Visualisation to Design Engineering
  3. Evaluation of skill set
  4. The best next step
  5. Is this forum for me?
  6. Coworking for freelance engineers. Anyone have an opinion ?
  7. Have anyone tried Freelancing jobs before?
  8. The Difficulties of Finding Entry Level Jobs in the USA
  9. What Does Your Company Look for Most in an Entry Level Engineer?
  10. Re: Fleeing Felon
  11. Re: How to Move Out of My Parents Home
  12. Re: Buying a Car Out of State and Registering It in My Home State
  13. Re: First Offense Dui, Bac .09
  14. Re: Registered Owner is Not the Legal Owner
  15. Re: Property Left Behind, Given to Me by Ex-Fiance
  16. Re: Do the Police Have to Investigate a Complaint Before Making an Arrest
  17. Re: Malpractice on Shoulder Surgerys
  18. Re: Expenses and Liability
  19. Re: Can the Police Recover Your Stolen Property Without You Having a Proof of Purchas
  20. Re: How to Appeal a Ruling in Trust Litigation
  21. Re: Towing Company Damaged My Car
  22. Re: Seller Won't Transfer Title
  23. Re: Beneficiary Requirements for Premarital Retirement Assets
  24. Re: Selling Agent Changed a Request for Closing Extension Without Asking Buyer
  25. Re: DUI Causing Property Damage, First Offense
  26. Re: Wife's Ex-Husband and Stepson's Father Getting Out of Prison Soon
  27. Re: Misdemeanor After Biometrics
  28. Re: My Son's Adjustment of Status Applications Have Been Denied Multiple Times
  29. Re: Getting a Green Card After Committing Petty Theft
  30. Re: Police Use of a Private Road
  31. Re: Final Summary Judgment in a Voluntary Dismmised Case
  32. Re: Mother of a U.S. Citizen Child and Us Army Girlfriend in Germany
  33. Re: Disputing Collection from Car Wreck
  34. Re: Ticketed for Parking in "No Parking During on School Days", School Not in Session
  35. Re: Parking Ticket With Improper Handicap Signage
  36. Re: F1 Student Getting Married to U.S. Citizen
  37. Re: How to Get a Court to Dismiss a Family Restraining Order
  38. Re: Foreign Adoption and Lost Green Card - Steps to Get Us Passport
  39. Re: Addressing Specific Points to an Individual
  40. Re: Filing a Petition (I-130/I-485/I-765) with Name Different from Naturalization Cer
  41. Re: Unlawful Immigration
  42. Re: Restraining Order if There is No Physical Violence
  43. Re: How to Go About Getting a Title for an Impounded Car
  44. Re: What Do I Do with No Birth Certificate
  45. Re: Incomplete Parking Signage
  46. Re: Father-In-Law Cannot Urinate; Staff Unconcerned
  47. Re: Girlfriend's SSI Was Cancelled Because of My Income
  48. Re: Buying Out Co-Owners
  49. Re: Review of the Eligibility of Supplemental Security Income by the Social Security
  50. Re: Do You Have to Pay Taxes on Money You Receive From an Overseas Relative
  51. Re: Entering the U.S. with a Tourist Visa and a U.S. Citizen Child
  52. Re: I-131 Travel Document
  53. Re: Is the Plaintiff Responsible for the Loss of Assets when a Court Ordered Freeze W
  54. Re: Bankruptcy Malpractice
  55. Re: Prenup in Virginia
  56. Re: Changing a Child's Last Name From His Father's
  57. Re: After-Acquired Wife Adjust As Principal Applicant with 245(I) Grandfathered H
  58. Re: Death, Estates, Etc
  59. Re: Why Do You Need to Register As an Offender
  60. Re: Can a SB-1 Visa Be Used for Multiple Entries
  61. Re: Filed Joint I-751, Now Getting Divorce
  62. Re: Changing Name on Passport and Naturalization Records for Former Refugee
  63. Re: Am I Eligible for a J1 Visa
  64. Re: I-131 Travel Document
  65. Re: Marijuana Detection Windows That Drug Courts Use
  66. Re: Liability for Defamation Over a Negative Online Product Review
  67. Re: Getting a Copy of a Trust That a Trustee Refuses to Show You
  68. Re: Working With No Pay
  69. Re: Window Tint Warning
  70. Re: Can a Homeowner Refuse to Irrigate His Lawn if the HOA Is Responsible for Mainten
  71. Re: Easement Not in Place
  72. Re: Guardianship of an 18 Year Old
  73. Re: Applying for Citizenship, Quit Job
  74. Re: Neighbor Put Up a Fence on My Right-Of-Way
  75. Re: Issues with Family Packing Without Executor Present
  76. Re: Getting Money Left to Me In Savings Accounts
  77. Re: 2+yrs Fees Due to Seller Never Registering -- Need to Know Options
  78. Re: Replaced the Windshield, Lost the Registration Sticker
  79. Re: How Does a Misdemeanor Criminal Offense Affect a F-1 Visa and Future Immigration
  80. Re: Unpaid Medical Bills
  81. Re: My Ex- Claims I Gave Her Herpes
  82. Re: Do I Have Right to Know What Kind of Dental Materials Dentist Used
  83. Re: How to Capitalize and Depreciate a Lease
  84. Re: Automating Tax Forms for Donations
  85. Re: What Can You Do If a Seller Defaults on Contract to Buy Land
  86. Re: Neighbor's Planning on Putting Up a Fence That Cuts into My Driveway. Now What
  87. Re: Preventing Family From Taking Advantage of an Elderly Relative
  88. Re: Someone Filed Deed with My Propertys Legal Description
  89. Re: Looking for Another Opinion
  90. Re: How Can I Obtain Court Documents in Every State
  91. Re: Illinois Tollway Fines and License Suspension
  92. Re: Can My Son Get SSI Only While in School
  93. Re: Inappropriate Comments About Your Commander While In Psychiatric Treatment
  94. Re: Protecting a House from a Medicaid Lien
  95. Re: Deported for Drug Crime - Will FFOA Relief Allow Reentry
  96. Re: Changing My Name with Only One Willing Parent
  97. Re: What Should Student Do if They Refused for Getting Austrlain Student Visa
  98. Re: Cosigner's Liability in Foreclosure
  99. Re: Life Estate and a Business and Other Disasters
  100. Re: Can I Be Formally Reprimanded for Looking Out My Windows
  101. Re: Is It a Violation
  102. Re: Adult Disabled Child with Work History
  103. Re: Issues in Getting Permanent Residency in Canada
  104. Re: Donated Car: Now I've Got Collections Coming After Me for Tickets
  105. Re: Want to Change Daughters Last Name
  106. Re: I Am an Independent Contractor by Title but
  107. Re: Moving to Another State After a DUI Charge
  108. Re: Common Law Marriage in Georgia
  109. Re: Brother Died Without a Will - What Should I Do
  110. Re: How to Get Married Without Parent Consent
  111. Re: Shoplifting and Re-Entry
  112. Re: When Can a F1 Student's Sponsor Refuse to Pay Tuition and Expenses
  113. Re: Personal Promissory Note in California
  114. Re: How to Change Bride and Groom's Last Name Upon Marriage
  115. Re: My Ex-Boyfriend Still Owes Me Money
  116. Re: Sixteen Year Old Probation Violation
  117. Re: Balance Billing
  118. Re: Why Was My Deferment Denied
  119. Re: Can You Sue a Data Furnisher For Errors in Your Credit Report
  120. Re: H1b Visa Holder Marrying a U.S. Citizen
  121. Re: Inheritance of Property Without Clear Title
  122. Re: Neighbour Blocked My Access to Paint Windows
  123. Re: Executor Bill
  124. Re: Employer Leak Out My Ssn
  125. Re: Unpaid Residuals and No Notice of Contract Termination
  126. Re: Collection Summons
  127. Re: Slander and Abuse by Neighbor
  128. Re: Nineteen Year Old Wants Custody of Sixteen Year Old Sister
  129. Re: Foreclosure Timeline in Pasco County, Florida
  130. Re: Visitation Rights After a Parent Gives Guardianship to a Family Member
  131. Re: Property Taxes for Joint Ownership
  132. Re: What Are the Dominant Estate's Rights in Relation to a Right-of-Way
  133. Re: Copyrighting Written Works
  134. Re: Can the Respondent to Sue the Petitioner After Losing a Restraining Order Case
  135. Re: Can a Power of Attorney Agent Conceal His Actions
  136. Re: As Spouse of Debtor, Can I Avoid Loss of Personal Property Via Writ of Execution
  137. Re: When is It Unacceptable to Access Police Databases
  138. Re: Can You Sue a Doctor for Giving You Drugs and Creating an Addiction
  139. Re: Land Contracts and Equitable Interest
  140. Re: Felony Probation, Grounds for Appeal
  141. Re: How to Get Guardianship of a Friend's Child, in My Care
  142. Re: Emancipation for 16 and 14 Year Old in Texas
  143. Re: Can I Be Sued for Selling an Item on Craigslist After 4 Months Later
  144. Re: Sellers Can't Afford to Close and Want to Back Out of a Home Sale
  145. Re: What Rights to Property Do I Have Apparently Adandoned by a Relative
  146. Re: Can a Divorce Decree Override a Beneficiary Provision in a Life Insurance Policy
  147. Re: Who Qualifies for the Petit Offense Exception
  148. Re: Stopping Payment on Check to Bail Bondsman
  149. Re: Banking Institution Mislead Customers About Interest Rates
  150. Re: Ex's Car Gone (Private Property)
  151. Re: Civil Group Lawsuit for Downloading a Movie from a Bittorrent Site
  152. Re: I Am U.S. Citizen and Want to Marry My Fiance with a B2 Visa
  153. Re: Hold Up on Court Order Payment
  154. Re: Motorcycle Accident, California
  155. Re: Detective and Sheriff Threatening Me and Will Not Investigate Crimes Committed
  156. Re: Can You Resell a Used Vehicle Without Titling It
  157. Re: Police Walking Around My Property and Opened My Door - No Warrant
  158. Re: Is It Illegal to Accept a Title to Help a Family Member Hide an Asset
  159. Re: How to Obtain Legal Guardianship Over Younger Brother
  160. Re: Disputing a Charge for Tickets that Might be Fake
  161. Re: Can I Get My Birth Certificate, Ss Card, and Drivers License Out Without Paying
  162. Re: Can Easement Be Legally Granted if Neighbor Has Other Ingress/Egress Options
  163. Re: Security Fence - Metal Railings
  164. Re: Do I Need to Refinance the House After I Probate
  165. Re: Pseudonym Hijacking
  166. Re: Contracts for Co-Owners of Property
  167. Re: How to Get Custody of Siblings from Third Party Family in Another State
  168. Re: Sued Over a Debt, Wrong Name on the Summons
  169. Re: How to Get Out of Chapter 13 Early
  170. Re: Ex-Wife's Bankruptcy and Jointly Owned Home
  171. Re: Neighbor Threatening to Sue Unless We Do As They Wish
  172. Re: Building Dept is Dragging Their Feet
  173. Re: Shared Driveway Dispute
  174. Re: Water Testing Contingency
  175. Re: What Should I Expect for an End of Probation Review Hearing
  176. Re: Applying for Naturalization with a Deferred Adjudication of Guilt on Record
  177. Re: Harassment by Baby's Father
  178. Re: Neighbor Built Barn on Family Property
  179. Re: Transferring Ownership of a Vehicle
  180. Re: Social Networking Patent
  181. Re: Bike vs Car: a Love Story
  182. Re: Insurance Check Made Out to Wrong Party
  183. Re: DUI in California (First Offense) but Doing Classes and Such in New York
  184. Re: Notice of Non-Jury Trial (Mortgage)
  185. Re: Short Term Disabililty Denial
  186. Re: Second Offense Violation Probation with Disorderly Conduct Alcohol
  187. Re: Collection Attempts Past Statute of Limitations
  188. Re: Wanting Custody of 5 and 7 Year Old Siblings - California
  189. Re: Harrasing Person on Property Unwelcomed by Tennants
  190. Re: Is Grandma Entitled to Any Social Security Benefits
  191. Re: Can They Do This
  192. Re: F1 Visa Rejection Under Section 212(A)(3)(A)(I)
  193. Re: Denied Medical Treatment While in Jail
  194. Re: Uninsured Driver Needing Compensation for Vehicle Damages
  195. Re: What Documentation Do I Need for a Visa to Attend a Training Program
  196. Re: House Surrender
  197. Re: Call Out to Des or Anybody Willing to Help in Bankruptcy
  198. Re: Auto Window Tint Problem. Do I Sue 3m or Their "Authorized Installer"
  199. Re: Truck Towed from Legal Spot Due to Parking Lot Restriping
  200. Re: Wire Transfer from Overseas
  201. Re: Easements
  202. Re: Can My Brother Power of Attorney Empty the Accounts Without Explaination
  203. Re: Neighboring Property is Used as a Dump
  204. Re: How Can an Irrevocable Trust Be Looted
  205. Re: What is Admissible in Court in DUI Cases
  206. Re: Responsibility for Husband's Medical Debt
  207. Re: Trying to Get a 16 Year Old in School That I Am Not the Parent or Guardian Of.hel
  208. Re: Neighbor Planted 3 Trees, Did Not Survey Until Recently and They Are on My Lot
  209. Re: Legal to Post These Prices Online
  210. Re: Someone Left There Property at My House for 5 Months Now What Can I Do
  211. Re: Length of Ban for Single Illegal Entry Over 30 Years Ago
  212. Re: Aggravated Felon Deported - Can I Ever Return
  213. Re: Insured but Not Titled Yet
  214. Re: Denied Paperwork
  215. Re: Who Keeps the Engagement Ring After a Break-Up
  216. Re: Minerals Quitclaimed to Me Out of Nowhere, Now Expected to Disclaim Them Back
  217. Re: Surgery Mishap
  218. Re: Rent Sent to Collections After Landlord Dropped Eviction Lawsuit
  219. Re: Laptop Sale on Craigslist
  220. Re: Midland and Interrogatory
  221. Re: Fell on the Job and Did Not File a Claim - Now I Am Unemployed and Having Symptom
  222. Re: How to Find Out if a NCIC Search Ws Done On Your Record
  223. Re: Or - Can My Collectors Come After It
  224. Re: What Does Dissmised Charges Mean
  225. Re: Island Ownership
  226. Re: Precedent when a District Court Sits As a Court of Federal Claims
  227. Re: Marriage to F1 Student - Visa Timelines
  228. Re: Landlord Filed for Bankruptcy - What Happens to My Lease and Deposit
  229. Re: Co-Owner's Responsibility for Taxes and Maintenance Expenses
  230. Re: Can a Lender Go After Your Other Real Estate After Foreclosure of a Rental Proper
  231. Re: Options for Dealing with Junker Car
  232. Re: How Can I Change the Last Name of My 2 Stepchildren to Mine
  233. Re: Minimum Wait to Apply for a Work License After Suspension
  234. Re: Violation of Probation in NYC
  235. Re: Can Someone Sue My Dissolved LLC
  236. Re: How Does an Adult Get a Social Security Number
  237. Re: Parking Ticket on Private Property New York State
  238. Re: Ssi:adult Disabled Child-Living W/Mom and Receiving Child Support
  239. Re: Foreign Lawsuit to Support Parents
  240. Re: How to Get Firearms Returned After a Protection Order Expires
  241. Re: Exceptions to Title Insurance
  242. Re: How to Fill Out Expungement Forms
  243. Re: Cohabitation with Kids
  244. Re: Is My Student Loan Discharged
  245. Re: Getting Driver's License in New State After DUI Convictions in Another
  246. Re: I Received a Report from 1996 Where the Same Police Officer Stated I Use Drugs
  247. Re: Is it Advisable to Pay Off Post-Petition Debt Early
  248. Re: Can Two People on Probation Get Married to Each Other
  249. Re: Driving Without Insurance, Worried About License
  250. Re: Purchased House and Neighbor Claims Fence As His when No Exceptions on Title Poli