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  4. mislaid pensions? Hi My husband was self employed for several years and took out various pensions.he cannot remember what pensions he had and who they were with. This was over 25 years ago as He has been e
  5. Threat of Tax and NI integration - a case for taking pensions early? There seems to be an increasing rumble afoot to jack up taxation on pensions by integrating the tax and NI systems. Since taxation applies
  6. Contributory v non-contributory pensions Hi, my employer currently matches my pension contributions monthly which I think means it is a contributory pension scheme? I have a job offer from a new company and
  7. How much is my impaired life worth? I have a DC company pension. My plan pension age is 65. I could have taken a pension at age 55 but am thinking of taking it at 60. My question is, will any/all of the cond
  8. Redundacy - best option to do with existing company dc pension pot? Hi I have recently been made redundant. I have a good pension pot through 10 years of maximum contributions on a good dc scheme. I have
  9. mgdavid if one of you has retired at 51 then unless it was forced retirement through ill-health I don't see that you have the slightest cause for complaint. I wasn't aware that I was complaining. We planned it well
  10. Can GMP be delayed My wife has a deferred company pension with a reasonable GMP element. I know that by law the GMP is payable at aged 60 (even though state pension age is 66). The GMP is revalued each yea
  11. Are pension providers covered by the FSCS? Hi could someone tell me if pension providers are covered by the FS compensation scheme? I don't know if they fall under the heading of "institution" or n
  12. RP2 and which benefits count Hello I need some help with an RP2 form. I know that I must declare all benefits on the form such as job seekers allowance. However my partner will be claiming working tax credit
  13. Early Retirement? Hi all, just a query. I am claiming ESA and in the work activity group. I'm not sure why as i have been assessed but in no way able to work. I know I have two years to get back into wor
  14. Big Choice To Make Hi All, Today I turned 29 and on Friday I found out that my role at work is being made redundant and that 75 people are to be laid off altogether. I have the option to take a redund
  15. Redundancy looming... Hi all, I'm going to be made redundant at some point in the next fortnight, At the time of finishing, I'll have worked there for 2 years, 11 months and 2 weeks - I find it a bit gal
  16. Aviva's miscalculated loyalty bonus Aviva's miscalculated loyalty bonus of £64.67 for a 20 year FSAVC on 12th September then recalculated on 3rd October to £1227.94, still inaccurate has caused considerable
  17. RBS final Salary pension HI there,I've got the above scheme from RBS from which I worked for from 1988-2005. The transfer value is £50,000 according to my last statement from 2010. I haven't had another sta
  18. Being Made Redundant and Unsue Wisest Way to Spend Cash Hi I was hoping you can help. My Father is being made redundant. Both him and my bother have quite a lot of debt and a mortgage. The mortgage will
  19. Young Person Company Pension Advice Hello, I've been working myself into an absolute tizz over pension schemes and other types of savings. This morning I decided to go for it and filled in the form and po
  20. Changes to Travis Perkins Pension My OH has worked for Travis Perkins for over 5 years and recently received some paperwork regarding changes to his pension. I am not very good at understanding these things
  21. Redundancy Insurance???? Hi all, Things are a bit hairy at work, and I'm worried.... Does anyone know anything about this and if it's worth it?? I have no idea, but just worried about the mortgage and
  22. Voluntary Redundancy and holidays Well my redundancy is now looming and my last official day is 26 November. However, we booked a 2 week holiday at the beginning of the year and will be away from 3 Dec - 1
  23. claiming back minimal contribuitions to a company pension hi all newby.and need a bit of advice i started a new job march 2011 and at the age of 57 was invited to join the company pension scheme which i did.
  24. Have My Employers Broken the Law?? I work as a Secretary and following a complaint against me by a client for rudeness I have been given a Final Written Warning. I understand my employers have written to th
  25. Amazon pay us what we have earned a bit quicker please !!! Morning all I do not understand why Amazon payments take so long to transfer to ones bank account. Since it belongs to the ebay/paypal group the
  26. Hopefully have a job..... :) So yesterday I got a lovely email saying I am a 'preferred candidate'. Yay. They're checking my references and I've an occupational health form to fill out (which I have done a
  27. Paid by former employer... Hello, Wonder if anyone can help me. I left my old job on the 28th of last month to start a new role, but having checked today I notice that they have paid me in full for this m
  28. How do we trace a pension paid into over 20 years ago? My husband paid into a pension over 20 years ago, whilst working for a company that no longer exists. Where do we start, if we decided to try and chase
  29. gross misconduct Just don't know what to do. Last week I was suspended from work on full pay while they carried out an investigation into gross misconduct. I had to go for a meeting with hr to establis
  30. Bypassed the agency and.... I got the job!! If you remember my thread a few weeks ago, Idropped my CV directly off at the call centre and one of their TL's called me and I had a telephone interview, an as
  31. Is it worth transferring pension accounts? Pls help. Hello, I have 2 separate pension accounts and am debating whether or not to transfer one into the other. Both pensions were opened with my previous emp
  32. Fixed hours of work - help? Hi I am looking for advice. I am working at motorway service for a few years. Most people there full flexi and some on fixed rota due to other jobs or have kids etc. I been worki
  33. Interviewer 2 hours late I'm just posting to rant really. My daughter applied for the graduate programme with Deloitte. She passed the verbal and non verbal reasoning tests, half day assessment and competenc
  34. Procedures for Long Term Sick Hey, just a bit confused and worried so looking for some guidance please. I have been off work now for almost 5 months. It will be nearly 6 by the time my next sick note runs
  35. osp contra hi guys whats osp contra ? ive just received my final pay slip and there's an osp contra -726.11 on it any ideas what this is / cheers gary
  36. Resignation on ethical grounds Hi all This kind of follows on from a previous thread that i started recently. Basically, this question revolves around both resignation and refusal to work on something i be
  37. Facebook "Selling Pages" - how to go about it? I've seen a lot of Facebook pages with names such as "Jane's Selling Page" whereby the page owner is only selling personal items as an alter
  38. dismissed from my job for poor performance Basically I've been with the same employer for five years, and two years ago I switched roles within the company, to a different job. About a year ago my manager s
  39. Umbrella Company - What's the best value choice Hello I am just about to start contracting after my recent redundancy. I have lined up my first contract role that will only be about 3 months long initiall
  40. How long does it take for a P45 to arrive? My husband finished his seasonal job (Park Resorts) on 6th November and has received his last payslip. How long does it take to get your P45? The HB has been susp
  41. Off sick but not entitled to sick pay from company Hi I have been employed by a company for a year, but have been off sick for the last 2 weeks due to gastroenteritis, I know im not entitled normal pay but w
  42. Lack of work, may be dismissed? All, There has recently been a fall in the amount of work we have had and I am seeing people getting made redundant etc. I was absent from work for Monday and Tuesday due t
  43. agency work????? Hi, My partner work for an agency and has been for 12 weeks with out a day off. it is classed a temp work but as its got to his 13th week they called him and told him hes now on stand by. s
  44. New to the game... maybe a silly question, but... I'm new to all this, so please bare with me if my question seems a little bit dumb. I've got a laptop to sell but the motherboard is broke, and I was wonderi
  45. YOUGOV checking bank details ? since its taken over 2 years to collect enough points for the minimum redemption i have forgotten which bank account details i gave when signing up. On the my yougov page i
  46. Help! Applying online for a job - but am stuck : ( Hi, Trust me to leave things to the last minute but I am applying online for a job for a well known homeless charity. You don't submit a CV, but creat
  47. Redundancy, Was Full Time Now Part Time Payout ? I hope I can explain this well enough to make it clear, I will use a hypothetical example of my situation to make it easier so I do not have to calculate ever
  48. Selling 'old' laptops and old PCs for scrap metal Hi Didn't want to start two threads so here we go... I'm talking Pre-P4 and even non-working laptops. Not talking modern machines as those are easy to
  49. adding a pension fund to a mortage I guess its not possible seeing as its not a pension mortgage , i just wondered as ive a mortgage with 14 years left and a paid up pension sitting twiddling its thumbs. (th
  50. agency work and benefts. Hi, My partner work for an agency and has been for 12 weeks with out a day off. it is classed a temp work but as its got to his 13th week they called him and told him hes now on sta
  51. Injured at work - Agency worker A close friend is an agency worker in a packaging factory and was injured at work today. Briefly, he was changing a component on a machine and a co-worker came in and switch
  52. starting up craft buisness As I unable to find work due to health I have recently been selling to friends and family my handmade cards and hand painted glass . was thinking in the new year of starting up as
  53. Personal Pension tax liability Hello I am almost decided about cashing in my pension pot 4 years early at age 61. The pot's around £250k - mainly made up by 3 Aviva GAR policies which add up to about £234k.
  54. Which SIPP Provider would you recommend? I have around £90K sitting in two Standard Life pension schemes, both from ex-employers. Neither fund has had anything paid into it for at least 12 years. I'm con
  55. Contributing to a SIPP (previous years allowance)? I understand you can 'carry forward' SIPP allowances into future years, but, is it ever possible to make a contribution to a SIPP but have it treated as a c
  56. Pension - Age Discrimination Hi, Looking for some advice regarding age discrimination in my pension plan but for a young person rather than retirement age. I joined my company pension plan about 14 years ag
  57. swagbucks i cant seem to join - it keeps asking for my zipcode but i live in the uk, does anyone have a refereal link i could use? thanks
  58. Able to work through an agency full time? I mainly mean care agencies where you are asked to work one day here one day there etc. Do you basically need to work out how many shifts a month you need to work a
  59. Potential combining of stakeholder pensions - what do I need to consider? Hi there - just looking for some advice or guidance before I seek out a IFA if necessary I have approximately 5-6 years worth of my
  60. pension option I recently left a company after 10 years and have received notification of my pension options from their scheme,as I am aged 50 I assumed my pension would be deffered until I reached pension a
  61. The Guiness Partnership Does anyone currently work, or used to work for The Guiness Partnership. (Housing association) I have recently applied for a position there and would like to know from experience ho
  62. Does Asda have email address regarding job applications My husband recently applied for a job at Asda he completed the application form and filled in the questionaire and submitted the form. The next day he
  63. CV Writing service Hi All Just a little advice please if possible. I have what I believe to be quite a proffesional looking CV, however im sure its not how employers see it and im probably not selling myse
  64. NI Contributions - Contribution JSA just ended My 6 months contribtion JSA has just finished. When I spoke to my Advisor 2 weeks ago, I asked if I keep signing on to get my NI Contributions credited, will
  65. Help needed with Graduate CV Dear Friends, I am finding it hard to write a Graduate CV, its been a while i wrote one, i finished my studies 2 years ago and got stucked in a job which is good to pay bills b
  66. Pay Equality (Legal Question) Hi, I'm looking for some advice. I have worked in a family-run business for the past 4 years. During my time there I have progressed from Customer Service, to Dispenser to Tec
  67. Applying for part-time roles when you're not a parent? Hi Was just wondering whether anyone could share any thoughts/ experiences on something: I'm currently in my early thirties, child-free and intend
  68. Employer "forgetting" to pay salary sacrifice pension Hope somebody might have some advice for me on here, but 3 years ago my employer (huge global company) changed the pension scheme to salary sac
  69. Universal Job Match - What A Farce!! I am not 'signing on' at the moment and work many various temporary positions just to make ends meet. I have been a regular user of the Jobcentre Plus website for some
  70. Extra Days Leave? My employer has decided to close on xmas eve this year and give all employees a paid day off. Unfortunately, as I work part time and don't normally work Mondays, I am the only one in the o
  71. Setting up a small group pension I need to set up a pension scheme for a small business. It will have 7-8 members and a monthly paybill of about £17000. It is not for auto enrolment. Employers contributi
  72. Asked to look for 8 jobs a week So I have never had to ask for help from anyone least of all the government but when I went to the jobcenter to sign my jsa agreement I was asked to look for 8 jobs a week. No
  73. Redundant soon what benefits am I entitled to? I am redundant from my job as of the 6th December and know nothing about what benefits I may be entitled to. I have a 9 month old baby and my notice period at w
  74. Nhs jobs can i use same application for various jobs???? I have just been on nhs jobs and filled out 2 applications which are now submitted and saved. I have now seen a further vacancy which i want to apply
  75. Holiday entitlement Hi, I have worked at the same place for almost 4 years, but over a year ago, i reduced my hours to start university. I now do 11 hours a week. Our financial year runs from april to apri
  76. Wonderbug (formally Global Opinion Panels) has merged with IPSOS Dear XXX, We're excited to announce that Wonderbug is officially Ipsos Access Panels ! While there are some changes, we want you to know w
  77. any good mags to email letters to? i like to write reviews and short letters bout current programs, any good mags to send to besides tv times? im a 3rd media student and love to write, trying to get as many
  78. Receiving tax refunds from former employer Not me unfortunately but Junior. Worked full time since last September and resigned in August as he was going to Uni. However his former employer are paying h
  79. Anyone else.. Getting fed up with it all at the moment? I've been out of work for ages. I did some temp work for a couple of months a while back but thats all I've had in 2 years. The economy is down the p
  80. Wanting to start a new career - earn a trade Hi all, I believe this should be in the right forum. I'm in a 9 - 5 office job which I do enjoy, have worked in office pretty much since left school ten yea
  81. Pension Transfer!!! I am just about to get divorced and my pension company will not accept a transfer from my ex husbands pension. I have no understanding of pensions at all can anyone advise me where I go f
  82. Pension Tax Benefits - can someone check my logic here please? I am by no means a financial idiot, but I'm beginning to regret not having taken more personal control of my pension arrangements much sooner.
  83. Redundancy - what steps do I take now? I posted a few weeks back that I was under notice of potential redundancy - not surprisingly (there is a back-story...) that became full redundancy last week. As a resu
  84. Open Uni Finance options? I completed 60 credits of a 360 credit degree in IT in 2011 but stopped after that as I got a new job. Now I'm a bit more settled I'd like to continue with the degree, but I simp
  85. Good text book to teach ESOL? Hi all. Having completed CELTA a few months ago, I am very pleased to have been offered a job in the local Turkish Community Centre teaching English. I will be the only teacher
  86. Redundancy post-TUPE, retention payment and PILON query Hi, all. My employer has lost a contract as their customer is relocating 200 miles away. A new company in the new location has the contract and I hav
  87. Checklist for starting a home cleaning company My wife is starting a cleaning company and was wondering if anyone could provide me with some sort of check list of things that need to be done before we start:
  88. Need a bit of encouragement I think I am the end of my tether with regards to work, I have a conflict going on in my head, one saying "Its nearly Xmas, you need the job, you have kids to feed and presen
  89. Can feel it coming... I currently work for a company seemingly in dire straights, we have made a loss for the past few years and have had numerous management teams come and go without making any impact. Pre
  90. Annual Leave My organisation recently held its AGM. Staff were allocated jobs to either attend and support the event or 'man the office'. Staff that attended the AGM (within normal working hours) have been
  91. Is this retirement plan feasible? I am trying to plan an early retirement for myself and my wife based on a part-drawdown, part-annuity strategy, and was wondering if anyone could advise on whether what I’m
  92. 8-hour contract and training My son has just been offered a minimum wage Christmas contract at Argos. First point - they say he has to go and do a day's training for which he won't be paid - surely this
  93. How Have You Done Since Redundancy? Hi All, As it looks likely that I will be forced to take compulsory redundancy I was wondering how people that have been made redundant in the past have done following i
  94. Any help on which stakeholder pension provider please? Hi, has anybody any recommendations which would narrow the field for me? I'm 39 and hoping to open a stakeholder pension, as low risk as possible. I'm
  95. Most potential online businesses? I know there are a lot of threads on here like this, but I wanna ask specifically... Which type of online/work from home businesses/jobs have the most potential? I'm not
  96. Disability discrimination linked to Cancer help!!! Anyone any advice about disability discrimination laws, I feel that my employer has treated me very badly. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, and returne
  97. What's my turnover? I have a deal with a car dealer that I lend the money to buy cars. My profit is fee (commission) paid when the car is sold. An example: I lend money to buy VW Golf, let's say £10k. Two
  98. Not paid for jury service? Hi I hope someone can help. I get paid by my employer on the 25th of the month. I am currently one month into jury service on a very long trial (we're talking a number of months)
  99. Help from the National Careers Service Hey, Those of us looking for a change - either from unemployment to employment, or simply to a better position - could sometimes use a bit of a helping hand and a b
  100. Volunteers wanted for nutrition research!!! King’s College London needs volunteers for a ten-week study on diet and gut health. We will ask you to consume a natural fibre food or a natural drink, provide
  101. Transfering into a career average scheme Hi, I am trying to decide whether to transfer a contribution based pension pot from my previous job into the USS career revalued scheme at my new job. Transfer val
  102. Claiming your state pension I am due to get my state pension early next year and phoned the pension people today to ask about a claim pack. I was told it would get to me between 2 and 4 months before the du
  103. Does anyone know of any GENUINE work Does anyone know of any genuine call centre work from home? I am good with astrology but could talk about anything really. Thanks
  104. whats my best option Anyone know which would be my best option from the following. im 51 and have a private pension and a frozen works one, my private pension has been going 22yrs and i only pay £10.00 a mon
  105. interview outfit Is it acceptable to wear a coloured blazer to a job interview? I would be wearing a black shirt and trousers and heels with it.
  106. Employer refusing to accept my resignation and reclaiming sick pay paid in error I don't know if anyone can help me but today I have received a very disturbing email from my employer. Apologies for the leng
  107. I need a fed job
  108. ESA - Am I right to feel annoyed because I was rejected by... Am I right to feel annoyed because I was rejected for the job of Admin Assistant/Data Entry at the company where I'm sent on the ESA work program
  109. Spelling and grammar mistakes - job agency I could not believe this. I was looking through the job vacancies on the site of a well known recruitment agency - Page Personnel, and came across this: About our
  110. Car Boot Sales Well I thought I would give it ago.... sorted lots of things out to take, got up at 5.30am sunday morning and stood in the cold for 6 hrs. There was over 160 sellers and plenty of buyers. I m
  111. why my income so low why my income so low,why , if i was rich, i can go anywhere i want to go
  112. Would really like a second job... Basically, I could really do with using my 2 free days per week to earn some more money. The problem is, my free days from my primary job are not Saturday and Sunday and are
  113. Does Anyone.... Hi, does anyone know of legit website that legit companies look for homeworkers? I have social phobia / anxiety and the less interaction I have with people face to face the better. I've had m
  114. When shouldn't one be one Min wage?!?!? I'm starting this thread because i'm just 31p per hour up from min wage 6.5 an hour. I do at times a pretty much skilled and thinking mans job, at times it's like i'm
  115. Child's Pension Taxable? Hi there, I am, and have been a full time student and had been in receipt of a child's pension up until my 25th birthday in September 2011. I have recently been sent a letter from
  116. Wrong Employment year on application (Reference check) Hi all. I recently got a new job that I am due to start in December. Based on referenxe checks. I have noticed I have made a mistake on the original
  117. Normal spend versus deprivation of assets Was asked for advice on this by a mate of mine, but as I've never claimed benefits for anything in my life, I haven't got a clue so wondered if anyone else has? Th
  118. Redundancy Payment not same as quote amount I've just received my redundancy payment and it's lower than the amount I was quoted with my official notice of redundancy. I'm being offered (slightly!) more t
  119. State pension. did you take lump sum or increase Just interested as am due to sort mine out in November 2013 after deferring for two years and know most people say increase in pension is best but if you inve
  120. pension hi guys, how do you find out if someone is entitled to a state pension, he was born 11/01/1943, he worked from age 15 to 23, then moved to new Zealand, he is going back next week, so anyone no if h
  121. Mums that work with no family help?? Hi all Hope I am posting in the right place. Ok......I am a mum of two. Both my children are in Primary school. My husband is a Self employed builder and I do his
  122. Restructure - Discrimination/Victimisation ? Not really sure if I'm going to be banging my head on the wall with my employer with this one, but here goes.... Department going through imminent restructure.
  123. Pension contributions deducted but not paid in Hi I need some advice please. I was automatically enrolled in my college's pension scheme when I started work there in 2003. Monthly payments have been taken
  124. What if you don't have internet? Everybody assumes we all have internet access. How do you go on with job searches if you cut your bills to pay only mortgage/rent and utilities thus being able to not go hun
  125. This job looks exciting http://liberalconspiracy.org/2012/11...cret-services/ “…the ‘insatiability doctrine – we spend money we don’t have, on things we don’t
  126. Want to start a pension fund, where to start? We are both 39. I am a full time mum with a very low part time income, OH works full time. Two children both at school. To date, we have made the conscious choic
  127. Need some motivation - please help! :/ Is it just me that has a 'Five Year Plan', that has always been five years away...at least for the last 10?! I am really desperate to find a way to make a bit extra s
  128. freelance typist Does anyone know how much I can expect to charge as a freelance typist? Both copy typing and audio typing. Thanks!
  129. "bedroom tax"- any threshhold? also discretionary housing payment query Is the DHP available, to make up shortfall in council tax (and/or housing benefits), when the "bedroom tax" kicks
  130. Pension payments made after the pension has been cashed in!!! In April, I cashed in one of my pensions purchasing an open market annuity, taking the maximum lump sum and purchasing a standard annuity with th
  131. IM systems?! I am currently completing an application for a job in local Building Control, the application form is 16pgs long.. (enough to put anyone off) Anyways, one of the questions is asking 'Please d
  132. Reduction of pay and hours Hi MSE'ers, I'm hoping you can help with a problem my other half is having at work. Background For the last five and a half years, my other half has worked full time (35 hrs pe
  133. Nigeria's Main Jobs Portal
  134. Chnage of justification during 90-day consultation? Is it legitimate for an employer to change the justification given for redundancy for a pool part-way through the 90-day collective consultancy period?
  135. Umbrella company calculations helped needed! Can someone help me with some calculations please I am going round in circles with these figures and not getting any where , Trying to work out if better of th
  136. Termination of contract threat as of 2nd Jan 2013 Hi I have been off work since Feb 29th 2012, signed off from my doctor. I got signed off with GAD, OCD and Depression As of Monday just gone I finally got
  137. Should i take temp job or wait? Hi Just needed some advice on my situation which i need to make a quick decision on! Basically i have been working 3 yrs post graduation, was made redundant in my first
  138. Taking the micky Is it just me but is it really nessesary for a job application to have 92 multi choice questions to answer to apply for a crappy min wage job! Just applied for a job at Staples and had to a
  139. umbrella company calculations help needed please Can someone help me with some calculations please I am going round in circles with these figures and not getting any where , Trying to work out if better o
  140. Claiming back petrol/mileage I don't claim expenses generally as part of my job, yesterday I attended a training course in another location. I am filling out the expenses claim form this morning and it re
  141. Panasonic pension Hi I have a pension with Panasonic in the uk. Had a letter offering me 3 times the fund to move it elsewhere as did all other members. Financial advisers appointed by them said leave it t
  142. Part time worker making me full time over Christmas is this fair? I work at a large supermarket and I have just been told that I will need to work extra hours over Christmas. I must add I was more than happy
  143. Unions advice please Could someone please advise me on which union would be good to join. My dh is a sales manager in the food industry and having a stressful time at work recently. He would like some backup
  144. £20 per day and rising from Youtube I thought I'd share this with you as it's getting quite exiting! About 2 years ago I started a youtube account. One of my videos started to do quite well and youtube aske
  145. Short Term Job Quals Hi. It's looking like I'll lose my job in the next couple of weeks (not going into this!) and so I've gotta decide what I want to do both long term and short term. Long term I'm not sur
  146. Applying for a new job on maternity leave Hi looking for some advice. I am on mat leave until may 2013, and my job is relocating and I am not going. Person in to cover my mat leave ones on mat leave feb
  147. Theoretical/Academic degree to a more practical trade/career? I study politics at university. I really like it and it's really challenging. Before university my background was math and physics. That said
  148. Interested in any opinions. Recently appealed against a disciplinary where I was given a Final Written Warning. I appealed against this for a variety of reasons (prefer not to go into them as it could identi
  149. Possible unfair disciplinary action I appealed against a warning at work. In the process of the investigation of this appeal, the appeal manager was given information which related to a later error for which
  150. Retirement income planning for a couple? Our situation. Early 40s. Aim to retire somewhere between 55-60. Me - higher rate tax payer with decent public sector pension. She (my long term partner) -
  151. Online businesses/jobs? Hey guys, I'm looking for some ideas for an online business I can do from home but something with high potential if I put in the time and work. So not surveys for example! Any idea
  152. AVC Pensions I am an early retiree (59) from the civil service with a pension of 10k a year. I also have a continued avc worth about 12k that i am thinking of taking next year at 60. Is there anyway that i c
  153. Advice on starting a new job Hi I am a bit stuck so am hoping somebody good with budgeting can help me. I finish my current job at the end of the month and will be paid in full on the 15 of dec (2 weeks adva
  154. the work programme 2012.. hey just to let every one know the hassles with my work programme...in one week this week monday they rang me 6 hr job available. interview was tuesday.. i did not go as 6 hrs is n
  155. These people should be put up against a wall and flogged. When I was young, I wanted to spend, spend, spend like I'd won the Pools. Now I'm old, I'm living the dream, unfortunately it's all on food and
  156. Self-publishing on Amazon I'm not completely sure if this is the correct forum, but I'm looking for advice on self-publishing through Amazon (and similar), and in particular the best way to advertise a self-
  157. sipps help Can any of the good people of the forum give me abit of help/advice as reading some of the posts on here i`m now properly confused and that does`nt take much doing!! Last wk i was contacted by a
  158. Redundancy,JSA and Govt National Insurance Fund Il keep it brief & stick to the facts folks Made redundant recently,was informed that the firm was going bust on monthly payday and there was no salary b
  159. Shutdowns - using holidays to cover Hello, could someone answer my query? I work an a factory producing uPVC windows? We work 2 days 2 nights and 4 days off. Now with the economy crap as it is we aren't ve
  160. Ipsos MORI Quality Validation Panel I today had a MORI researcher knock on my door and ask if I wanted to take part in their Quality Validation Panel. This involves having a programme installed on my compute
  161. dismissed on capability grounds: ill health If someone has been signed off for a few weeks (over 4), gets better and returns to work, can they then be dismissed on capability grounds due to ill health?
  162. Selling books online? I was wondering if anyone knew any sites where you can sell your old books online? I've tried zapper and webuybooks but they seem to reject just about everything I try to shift! These a
  163. Equitable Life payment and my pension Im sure this has been covered and I appoligise in advance for my lack of knowledge or asking questions that may have been answered before. In the 90's I had a company
  164. Have I been too hasty? I was made redundant on 12th November. Two days later I attended an interview and was offered the job the same day. I started last Monday having had little chance to take in my shock r
  165. Discontinue pension plan? Hi All, In March 2011 my FA set up a Stakeholder Pension Plan for me which is run by Legal & General. The money I pay into my plan is paid into 10 funds. Since March 2011, it
  166. Phone Interview Tips I have a Phone Interview tomorrow for a pretty big MNC. Any tips for a successful phone interview? I've had informal chats about work over the phone before, which is obviously stil
  167. Greivance leading to dismissal... My story... I started work as a supervisor... I was then demoted for the reasons my job is no longer required by the company due to a new mananger being employed, i was off
  168. quidco check ins Hiya have just come accross the quidco check ins, does anybody know how often you can check in to these shops i was wondering how it all worked. Thanks for any advice.
  169. CRB check help Hey I was offered a job in a nursery in August and had to get all my checks before I started. The nursery sent a form off which I filled in and paid £30 towards for my police checks and they c
  170. Old NHS Pension - Rejoin? Hi, My wife worked part-time for NHS from 2006 - 2007. She left and went back to study for 5 years. Now she has re-joined the NHS as a midwife. The pension department told her th
  171. How long does it take to dismiss an employee fairly? details inside Assuming this employee has union rep and the procedure is as follows. First written warning - they appeal second written warning - they
  172. Personal injury at work I reported a personal injury 4 weeks ago to my employer. I was told not to go to a physiotherapist through my doctor as I would have to get examined through my employers insurance com
  173. Two pensions with same company If you have two pensions with the same company. (One from initial employment before nationalisation, second from return after the above) Can you just take the smaller of the tw
  174. Topcashback Hi guys, just wondering if my family members in the same household can also use topcashback or is it one per household? Thanks
  175. The right to Statutory Sick Pay Hello all, I was signed off by a Doctor as being unfit for work due to a stress related condition on Wednesday 7th November. He provided me with a Right to SSP form on this
  176. Pension misselling It looks like I have a valid claim for pension misselling being advised to move from a deferred final salary scheme to a Personal Pension, the effects have been catastrophic. The IFA(Merce
  177. Paying Tax on Pension when made redundant Hi There, A family friend has recently been made redundant from her job. Her payout was just under £6K. She is at pension age but deferred it for a year and has
  178. Salary lowered after 15 months due to 'mistake' HI all, I'm looking for some advice relating to a situation that has just began in work. I was called to HR today, I work in a college, to be informed tha
  179. sicknote and pay hiya im due to be paided friday and have been off sick from work the last 2 weeks, my sicknote says pregnancy related, does anyone know if i will be paided for the first 3 days off my sickne
  180. Anyone good at Maths? Please HELP me...GCSE Maths Question Hi, im really struggling with these 'Change The Subject Of A Formula' questions. Im okay on the most of them, but these two have me stumped, especi
  181. P2P lending - How much to start with? Hello, I currently save any extra into a regular saving account and I would like to get a better return while mitigating the risk. I was considering Zopa to start wi
  182. as soon as. Appreciate some help please, I've a pension I would like to take as 'soon as' due to changes regarding male rates, it's approx 47k got quotes from provider s/life but looked poor any advice welco
  183. pension advice please hi guys and gals..!!! i've been looking on this site for quite a while and have had a good look around to try and find the answears to some questions i have about pensions but none have
  184. Jury Summons I received a jury summons at my old address over a month and a half ago. My old neighbor rudely opened it before giving it to me. I collected it and replied as attending almost straight away (I
  185. CRB check Hi will try and make it as short as possible. Whilst daughter was umemployed she signed onto an agency to help gain some experience through casual employment.(Class room assistant/Nursery nurse)
  186. Help! Tax rebate confusion! Hi All! Be really greatful if any of you wise folk can help my little brain understand something. I worked for the NHS and left earlier this year. Alongside my job I also worke
  187. Question re. transferring personal pension to SIPP I have a with-profits personal pension scheme with GE (originally National Mutual). It has a defined retirement age of 75. If I decide to transfer the pensi
  188. Fiverr failing This is actually for a friend of mine. I showed her fiverr after reading about it on here and she signed up to do translation. She has a lot of experience translating and teaching languages an
  189. Personal Tax Allowence Query Am I right in thinking in that if I was unemployed from April to December and claimed around £2000 in JSA, then I'd have around £6000 left of my tax free allowance, which would b
  190. Redundancy Sacrifice Hello folks, I wonder if somebody could advise me on the above as I've only just been made aware of it and most posts about this appear to be very old. I am about to be made redundan
  191. Advice needed ASAP Got greivance hearing on Wednesday. I had appealed against disciplinary (FWW) and won. Warning gone. However I have not yet received the written letter explaining the reasons why they ha
  192. One for the IFAs - cash deposit fund Hello chaps My dad has just hit 65 and I am trying to help him sort out his various pensions. He has just retired from his last job of 5 years or so and I have ch
  193. Fixed term appointment for 6 months OK, ex Army so new-ish to the job game, what exactly is meant by the term 'fixed term appointment for 6 months' is it, after the 6 months you are gone or, after 6 months w
  194. Change Redundacy Terms Hi, My Employer is trying to change my Redundancy terms and conditions, with the threat of Form HR1. Are they legally aloud to do this? They are targeting employees that were employed
  195. Universal Jobmatch question? Morning everyone, I am new on here so I am not sure if this has been answerd but just wondering is Universal Jobmatch mandatory? I signed up on the 19th of November when it
  196. gluten free products Hi all , am wanting to set up an online store or set up a small shop to start with as the above product has very little coverage up here but am unsure where to start right now , any hel
  197. Company savings accounts I'm a freelancer working as a limited company, are there any special company schemes to aid me saving for retirement? Presumably I'm best off just finding a decent financial advis
  198. Xmas promo on for sale Apple Tablet Ipad 3 64gb (Wi-Fi+4G),Apple Iphone 5 64gb..
  199. Insurance for Wedding Stationery Business? Hi guys, Sorry for posting a second time - I originally posted in the 'college industry' thread a couple of weeks ago, but there have been no replies. I'd really a
  200. Hey... HELP! ..... To cut a long story short... I've been offered a job in place (A) but i am waiting for a crb check, and now i've been offered an interview for place (B)- which i liked the look of better..
  201. Advice Required: Regarding not being paid. Hey All (sorry for the length of this message a brief summary is at the bottom of this message I know its super long lol), I know there is a lot to read here but I
  202. advice on my pensions I am at a loss as to what to do. I have three final salary pensions two of which are frozen due to employment change. The two that are frozen have 5 years each of payments from wa
  203. How employers record sick time I am currently off work due to a broken leg. I work in a school so I am lucky to be getting paid. The doctor told me on Friday that I needed another 4 weeks off, so wrote out
  204. Late wages, and late expenses I am not really sure what to do here, and I am looking for advice. I was interviewed and hired by a company called M with whom I thought I would be working for. M is based in
  205. Company Mileage claim Can anyone advise how to claim back from the government mileage, I get payed 10p per mile by my work and they have said that the government will make up the rest as I am losing per mile
  206. Self employment and hours for wtc Hi, I'm currently on income support as a single parent with two preschool aged children. I'm hoping to start working as self employed when my older one starts school next S
  207. JSA for over 60's My B-I-L (62) has been made redundant. He is looking for another job but has been told by Jobcentre he cannot claim JSA but may be able to claim Pension Credit. I realise that Pension C
  208. Contracted out of SERPS - claim back higher rate tax? I am in the process of pulling together OH and my pension details to try and make some sort of coherent strategy for the next 20 years. OH has been con
  209. Help!!!! unfairly dismissed Hello, I've been a stalker for a while now but I really need some help so I have joined. I have been involved in a disciplinary process at work for about 2 weeks now and today
  210. Is it OK to wear knee high boots to a job interview? Smart black ones with a low heel - not tarty or casual. I know it's going to be wet out and they're the only things I have that are both smart and weather
  211. Please help-ex employer not paying me Hi All, I am pretty distraught as I write this. My ex company terminated me via email with one days notice. They owe me over £15,000 and are not paying me unless I sign
  212. Given notice after take over I am posting for a friend who doesn't know how to use the Internet lol. Friend who I will call C has worked for a very small business for 9 years. In august/September the bus
  213. New jobsearch system on jobcenter plus/gov.uk website What a complete and utter piece of trash. I'm employed but like to keep a view on opportunities and the old website was perfect. I could select the area
  214. Can/Should I put this in a cover letter? Writing a cover letter, for a position that my partner has actually done for just over a year now. We talk about her work quite a lot and I've actually picked up a
  215. Locksmith's course Hi, Not sure if this is in the right area but here goes. I am interested in working for myself as a locksmith, I have a full time job but would use this to pay for a course and try to st
  216. JSA help I am new to looking for work through the DWP there is no jobs I have been able to apply for as they all require experience now my adviser said to look for work and apply and gave me links and what d
  217. Taking a company to an Employment tribunal Just looking for any advice from people who may have been in the same position as I find myself. I was dismissed for breaching a company policy, even though the po
  218. Xmas clubs Does anyone work as an agent for a Xmas savings club? What's it like? How much extra money do you find you earn? I'm thinking it may be a decent way to boost my income. I am currently a self-
  219. Ayone heared of Key Personal Finance ?? Hello, I have had phonecalls from a company called Key Personal Finance, they want me to give them the details of my pensions and providers so they can check the Profi
  220. Guaranteed annuities when regular payments are ceased I've been trying to make sense of an old With Profits Pension Plan that I took out with National Mutual in 1983. There's a Special Condition on the contr
  221. Legal side of quitting at short notice? I need some urgent advice please. I have been offered a great job quite unexpectedly working with my old boss but they want me to start middle of next week to coincide
  222. legal charge on a business Hi, Couldn't see which section this should be in. I wanted to know if you win a small claim can you put a legal charge on a business like its lease as thats the only thing that i
  223. More SIPP advice... Hi I wanted to hear people's latest views on the best SIPP provider to go for as there are changes going on. Firstly I have held a big (for me) SIPP with a smallish provider for 5 yea
  224. Cold calling on the work programme Hi there. Been a lurker on here for ages but only signed up now to ask this. Been on the work programme since January this year and now after having 5 different adviser
  225. New enterprise allowance Have been thinking about going onto NEA through jobcentre and have been told that from your advisor referring you to it, you then have 8 weeks to get a business plan accepted. Does
  226. deductions from sallary for monthly payed hi all hope someone can help. now my wife is payed on a agreed sallary of 18000 per year and is payed at the end of each month so 12 times per finacial year. t
  227. Where do I stand? I'll make this short. I'm on a zero hr contract, I drive for work, my car is on it's way to be scrapped, I have no money for a new car, I'm on a dmp so can't get any money for a new car.
  228. Companies House Information - Money owed Hi I have looked at details of a companies (all linked) that are showing the Managing Director has resigned as a Director. If the company details only show that he wa
  229. Lost and confused My apologies if this has already been answered. i have searched and read so many pages here that my head is starting to spin and I getting more muddled. I am a British expat school teach
  230. Confused about notice period? Hi I want to hand in my notice at my new job but am unsure what length to specify. I've only worked there six weeks. My contract says Up to a months employment it's a week ( me
  231. Working for your financial adviser ... I've just seen that the IFA who looks after my (tiny!) personal pension is looking for an admin assistant. I'm tempted to apply, because at least he is aware of me in m
  232. Childcare vouchers from employer Does anyone know how these work? At the moment we pay £600pm in nursery fees. How does it work if you get Childcare vouchers as part of your pay? Can anyone tell me please
  233. work programme Hi, I have been on the programme for 3 weeks now but the only thing I have done is register there and I sign all the papers they told me to sign. I am waiting to hear about a job, had th
  234. purple rock media-vouchlet basically this is a company offering home working in telesales. they offer great rates of pay. they provide the data all u do is call the numbers-businesses and offer the vouchlet
  235. Business AS Level/A Level Dear all, I currently work in middle management and looking to progress further with experience (currently 21 Years old). I left school with mediocre GCSE grades and I'm currently
  236. Self employed but looking to return to a full-time job Hey everyone! Long story cut short: I left my last full-time employer in October 2008, to do a couple of months' charity work in India while waiti
  237. Short Online Courses Hi, Will be off 2 weeks in January to look after my son. Was wondering if anyone had advice what useful courses I can take up online which will give me a certificate at the end. Many
  238. Annual Leave and Long Term Sickness Leave Good afternoon all, I would be grateful for your kind assistance with a work matter before I take the matter further with my employer. I have 30 days annual leave cu
  239. first months pay contracting... . am i being tax to much Im new to contracting, and have been paid for 12 days work (started mid month) I'm using a well know umbrella company, Im on a day rate of £200 a da
  240. Interview notes Hi there, Just wondering whether people have ever tried to obtain these? I've had a situation where I've been turned down for shortlisting in a role and the reason given is because of interv
  241. Employment Tribunal - Schedule of Loss help Hi all I am currently putting together a Schedule of Loss for an employment tribunal and need a little help. I have done a basic one following a very helpful
  242. Am I being victimised? (Those fluent in employment law needed!) Hi I wonder if some of you could offer me some assistance, particularly those fluent in employment law. To give some background, I have a
  243. Annuity Having taken out a pension many years ago, i forgot it was due to mature at age 55, that has now happened and although it is a small fund, i have two questions. A. Do i have to buy an annuity or ca
  244. High Cost (in tax) of Free Company Healthcare Hi, I have Family Healthcare Cover through my employer's BUPA Private Medical Insurance scheme, but the amount of tax I pay for this "benefit in kind"
  245. credit card debt payed off by companys not updating consumer credit act I have been telephoned by a company (CCS Advice) to recommend I claim back through them my whole outstanding credit card bill because I
  246. Help please - facebook trouble Hi I wonder if anyone could give me some advice please. A work colleague has asked me to attend her disciplinary (we don't have a work place union) as she has been accused of m
  247. HMRC Problems with Reclaiming Hi all, I took voluntary redundancy in April and have not worked since, nor have I claimed any benefits. HMRC taxed the element of my payment that exceeded £30,000 but the amo
  248. self employed and university course fees Can i use my university fees as an expense in my self employed accounts/company accounts?
  249. Tax / Ni question I have been employed for 9 months in a part time job, I earn £75/90 per week. recently I spoke to HMRC about a tax rebate from a previous employment, they said they have no records for me f
  250. Personal allowance and declaring tax Hi all, I'm hoping someone will come along and help me make sense of my situation. Currently I have 4 part time jobs, three paid under one company and one under another.